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High blood pressure symptoms?

I am 25 years old, last week I checked my blood pressure it was 160mm/hg. But I face alot of strange conditions of which am not sure if they are caused by that blood pressure. Sometimes I have headaches, chest pain and today I feel like pain in my armpits can these conditions be due to that blood pressure? I need help please
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Hi.  So, the top number of your blood pressure was 160?  What was the lower number?  Was this a one time reading?  A one time reading may be a fluke.  But you should speak to your doctor about this.  Obviously that is too high.  If your doctor determines that this isn't just a random one off thing and they want to get an idea of your consistent blood pressure, they will ask you to check your BP several times a day and chart it.  Also, if you got this reading from a cuff in say a drug store, those might be faulty.  So, a lot of variables go into things.  You are young. But young people CAN get high blood pressure. Any other symptoms?  Dizzy? Chest pain?  Seeing little floatie things?  headache?
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Thank you so much. Yes also I had chest pain, headaches and also I was feeling dizzy.
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