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How do I take my blood pressure when I have white coat syndrome at home as well?

I gather that most people with white coat syndrome only get it at the doctor's office.   I get it at home as well.  I take three readings at a time now.  I average the last two.  (My bp drops between 10 and 40 pts between the first and second!)  But I remember other theories on how to interpret the readings.  I read somewhere that you should take the lowest - after all, the issue isn't spuriously low readings.  Some have said to take the highest - just to be safe.  That was fine when I was 40.  Now that I am 70, I feel the effects of too much medication.  Ambulatory cuffs don't help.  I notice the cuff tightening around my arm.  Any thoughts?
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Are you able to talk to your doctor about some ways that you can over come it?  If you you experiencing it this much, I would reach out to your doctor for some tips.  
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You need a 24 hour BP test. Go to your Doc and get him to organise one for you. Its non invasive, a little annoying but costs little.
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I've got no help to offer, but I can say I feel ya. I have terrible WCS as well. I can't take mine at home and get a normal reading either. It is the most bizarre syndrome I can imagine. Makes things so difficult at times. People who have never experienced it just don't get it. You cannot make them understand how it makes you feel, why it even happens.
   My wife. My sweet dear wife can take my blood pressure and I am completely relaxed. Well, the second reading always drops a few points. She is the only person I know that can take my blood pressure and even get close to a true measurement. I Hate this crazy affliction.
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