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Hypotension symptoms with hypertension

I'm a 26 year old female concerned about my blood pressure because there seem to be conflicting symptoms. I went to the doctor recently and my blood pressure was 141/90 and an EKG show my resting heart rate to be 123 so my doctor prescribed 25mg of Athenolol and my blood pressure is 135/85 now but i continue to have symptoms similar to orthostatic Hypotension I nearly fainted after exercising last night and heat causes me to get light headed and short of breath. Do any of you know something about this or have experienced this before?
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Hard to say, honey.

How long have you been exercising, and do you monitor your heart rate during and after?   Feeling faint afterwards is a warning sign  you are over-doing it.  

Some BP meds can make you feel short of breath.   I'd tell my doctor about these symptoms if I were you.   Don't try and diagnose yourself...

Good luck

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