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I was suffered a bite from a brown recluse spider.

Could this bite cause the elevated blood pressure?  I did not have hypertension before this brown recluse spider bite.  My doctor gave me a penicillin shot and prescribed a penicillin prescription for me to take for about a week after the visit.  Could the venom from the spider cause high blood pressure?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  That's very scary and we're sorry you suffered such a spider bite!  I'm glad you are working with your doctor and encourage you to continue checking in with them regarding your questions and concerns.  Are you still taking the medication?  How long ago did this happen?  How are you checking your BP? Here is a basic link on what the wound from a brown recluse usually does in terms of common pattern.  https://www.healthline.com/health/brown-recluse-bite-stages#immediate-first-aid  In short, whether or not the bite is causing an increase is questionable.  While a toxic venomous spider bite can affect the whole body including the heart, it would be for a set period of time.  However, if you are extremely anxious and nervous, it perhaps can affect your blood pressure that way.  Please check in with your doctor and let us know what they say.  I'll be following.  
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