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Interpreting CBC

WBC 3.5, RBC 3.9, RDW 11.7, Platelet 134, MPV 13.9, Neutrophils 43.0, Lymphocytes 42.8, Monocytes 9.0, Eosinophils 4.3, Basophils 0.6, Neurophils Absolute 1.5.

Any root cause ideas as to why my Platelets and WBC are low are welcome.
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Hello, well hopefully your doctor has set up a time to follow up with you on your results.  Any reason why you had a blood draw?  Any symptoms to speak of?  You posted this on the hypertension/blood pressure forum, so am wondering if you feel that is somehow related? I think your red blood cell count may also be low.  Here's an article to help. https://www.healthline.com/health/thrombocytopenia  Obviously, determining what lies beneath these results is important.  You could have an issue like an infection or low iron even. The scary possibility is leukemia. Or perhaps you have an autoimmune disorder.  Any symptoms to report?  Having low white blood cells is often caused by having a virus as well as other things.  The bone marrow is involved with both platelet production issues and white blood cells. Heres an article on low white blood cells. https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/low-white-blood-cell-count/basics/causes/sym-20050615  I would say you need to be very careful right now as your immune system does also sound compromised.  When can you follow up with your doctor?
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Hi, hope you come back and tell us what your doctor said?  How are you and have you gotten any answers?
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