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Is Beetroot Capsule a high blood pressure drug ?

I came on board sometime ago,  am I mentioned that I had issues of slight elevation of my blood pressure, its was first 150/100, then afterwards after it became 140/100 which was still considered slightly high. Then someone suggested that I take beetroot capsules. I have purchased them and ready to take them but I again read that blood thinners are not good.

Question : Is this Beetroot Capsule a high blood pressure medication/blood thinner  ? As I want to get it clear . Please respond
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Beets contains nitrates, which open up blood vessels and therefore lower blood pressure (similar to being given a nitroglycerin tab under the tongue if you are having chest pains thought to be related to a heart attack.)

Please know, however, that all supplements such as beetroot capsules, are NOT studied by the FDA and should not be substituted for actual medicine.  

What does your doctor say about your blood pressure?  
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My doctor says I should do lifestyle changes and relax more. But since the last message I started taking the beetroot capsules, I have taken them for over two weeks now and my  blood pressure  is still between 150/100 and 140/90. Want do you think I should do to lower it?
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I'd follow my doctor's advice.  

He/She advised you to make lifestyle changes...

1. Are you overweight at all?  Even a 10-20 pound loss can lower your BP.
2. Do you get any exercise?  Start with walking....30 mins on most days...
3. Cut out salt.   The worst culprit is processed foods, and fast foods.  Try to eat lean proteins, veggies, and berries.  
4. Caffeine and alcohol: both raise BP; try to stop or drastically cut down.
5. Do you smoke?   Nicotine send our blood pressure sky high.
6. Relax:  easier said than done...yoga is a great way to start.  Or even just carving out a 30 min space every day to relax in a chair and listen to music, breathing slowly.

Hope this helps!   I tried all of the above, and STILL had high BP, so now i'm on meds.
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Drinking beet root juice ( one glass daily) helps lower high blood pressure. Other natural ways like cut down on salt, sugar, alcohol, smoking etc
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COQ10 (Ubiquinol not Ubiquinone) taken daily along with a garlic supplement (Make sure its high in Allicin).   Take the garlic supplement with either a chewable or swallow Vitamin C.  

Garlic + Vitamin C can lower blood pressure quite amazingly.   Studies have shown COQ10 can lower systolic by as much as 17mmHg and diastolic by 10mmHg.

Google search them-- you'll find a ton of studes.   COQ10 takes about 3 months before you see the full effect-- garlic only takes a week or two.
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@ NEVERAGAIN, These are answers to your questions.( 1) I dont consider myself overweight, i weight 80kg, (2) I only exercise by playing football once every saturday (3) I have reduce my salt intake (4) I also reduced my alcohol intake, i only drink once in a week (5) NO, i do not smoke . (6) I never able to relax, i feel stressed almost all the time an i feel my heartbeat faster occasionally. Evaluate and advise further madam. Thanks


I have never heard of Ubiquinol, anyways, are you saying i should take Ubiquinol with garlic tablets and victamin c, or just garlic tablets and vitamin c alone?

Please respond. God bless you all
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Hi Hon:

I'm not a doctor, but I can tell you what mine told me.    I'm not overweight either, but even a 10 pound weight loss will help your BP numbers.  And in terms of exercise, most folks should get 30 mins of sustained cardio 3X a week for heart health.  To bring BP down, you need to aim for make that 7 days a week.  

Since I was dx'ed with mild hypertension about 6 weeks ago, I've been working out every single day (no excuses) on an elliptical trainer for a hard 30-45 minutes.  I'm slowly losing weight (1/2 pound a week) and my systolic is coming down...(the top number).  

Sometimes exercise and weight don't make a difference, if its' in your genetics to have hypertension...we'll see.   i'm still going to try.

Good luck..
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One more thing:  You said you never relax.  That will shorten your life, I can guarantee you.   It is important to take even just 10-15 minutes a day and try to focus on calming yourself down.

You can join a beginning yoga class, buy a meditation CD, or just try to lay down in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed and focus on slowing down your breathing.   It takes practice, that's the thing.  Relaxing is like exercise...its' hard at first, but if you keep at it, you'll get better at doing it.

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Garlic + Vitamin C actually work together to lower blood pressure:  See below link and search for it on the internet-- you'll find other studies.   Garlic needs to be high in Allicin (Garlinase 5000) is a good supplement.


COQ10 can lower systolic up to 17 mmhg (I use Qunol Mega COQ10)   Takes a month to start really working though.

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@NeverAgain127, Thanks a lot for your information and advise, @markmsn10,I will order garlic tablets and Vitamin C as soon as possible and stick to them and keep you informed of progress. If I may ask MARKMSN1O is there any particular brand of garlic tablets/ Vitamin C that you will recommend ? I expect your reply..
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