Is it safe to lift weights if you have high blood pressure>

bennyboo76External User
I'm on a health journey of eating better and reducing my weight.  I want to incorporate weight training, but wanted to make sure it would be safe to do.
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CaseyCrocker External User
Yes, you can do weight lifting.  I am in the same boat and I can say that do strength training slowly - build up your weight resistance slowly AND incorporate physical activity like walking or jogging (not running at first) before you begin weight training.  Give yourself 6 weeks of walking or jogging and push ups first.  Then add a weight resistance work out.  Your body will be better primed to add weights.   Also, do some detox to help reduce weight.  There is more built up in your system than you think and a 2 week detox (just add some tea into your day) will help you metabolize what is stored up.  This you have to reduce before fat burning and muscle gain can occur
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