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Is stubborn hypertension in a 22 year old male secondary?

This is my first time using this website. I hate to bother all of you, but I have gone 13 months with symptoms now and the only sure diagnosis I have been given is stubborn hypertension. I understand this website is not intended to make any diagnosis, but I would appreciate if anyone could point me in a direction in which to seek help. I am a 22 year old Male. 6'0, 210 lbs. Starting in 10/2014  I started to experience severe sweating (warm), splitting headaches, cob-web vision and tension behind my eyes. Along with this came dizziness, a heavier heart beat, occasional shakiness, and general fatigue. At the time of these symptoms I was not necessarily healthy. I was around 240lbs., I was taking pre-workout supplements (creatine, nitric oxide), drinking too much alcohol, and chewing tobacco. I went in to get checked out and had severe hypertension in 180s/100s. I was put on meds (20mg lisinopril) and then saw a cardiologist who performed an ECG & Stress Test. He said that all was fine and to take my meds and start living "healthier". In the following months I cut-out all workout supplements and quit chewing tobacco which I never used heavily to begin with. I also cut down on drinking and lost about 15 pounds, but my symptoms only seemed to worsen. Within the next few months I had a Kidney & Liver ultrasound, CBCs, 24-Hour Urine Catecholamine Tests, Brainwave Tests, you name it. I saw several radiologists and a neurologist who put me on 25mg of Topamax to control my headaches. Nothing abnormal in the testing, but still symptoms.  That leads up to this summer. I had to move to a new city, so I decided to give it another shot. I have had another ECG & Stress done as well as basic blood work, a CT Scan, and an ANA anti-bodies test. Still nothing. My doctor has diagnosed my symptoms as "generalized anxiety" and put me on .5 mg of xanax a day as needed. As of now, being on Lisinopril, Topamax, & Xanax my headaches are somewhat controlled. My blood pressure is in the mid-130s/mid-80s, & the xanax seems to chill me out sometimes, but I have begun to build a tolerance. The core symptoms still exist though. I still sweat noticeably easier. I have cob-web vision and tension behind my eyes. I am dizzy and a little shaky as I type this and my body feels like it needs a nap, despite being awake just 4 hours and having had a cup of coffee. As of now I take no supplements. I do not chew tobacco and the only bad habit I have is the occasional binge drinking with my friends once every few months. Having seen a cardiologist, neurologist, radiologists, and multiple general practitioners it is frustrating to have no clear diagnosis and to have only slightly lessened my symptoms. My current doctor has done her due diligence and I do not believe she has done anything wrong or has "failed" necessarily. I would appreciate any advice as far as specialists to see or tests to suggest that may help me reach a diagnosis and ultimately a comfortable living condition. Thank you.
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Hi there. I am not a doctor, but will hopefully offer some general advice. Firstly have you had a 24 ABPM test to get your actual 24 hour blood pressure readings? Have you had any specialised blood work for secondary causes? The 24 hour test for cathacholamines is part of a number of tests used to outrule Adrenal/Hormonal causes of hypertension. Other specialised blood work for to establish your Plasma Renin levels and Aldosterone  would b good to have. ask the doctor to make sure he checks you for Conns Syndrome. Its a tiny tumour in the adrenal gland (Usually Benign) that causes leaks of adrenaline into the blood spiking your BP. I have to say they are fairly rare, but its worth checking. I just say this because some possible other symptoms can also include Sweating, fatigue and Eye difficulties!  I think you may also need to look at your lifestyle. 200lb loks a bit heavy? and as for those supplements etc???
I can understand how you feel. Doctors tend to resort quickly to meds, then its double the dose, next follows' Add another to the cocktail' ! meanwhile you feel poorly, with the side effects probably not helping. i you have an Echo test? his would tell how your heart is functioning and you get a reading for your output with each beat. Its called the EF. it is usually between 50 - 65%, but it can get lower from factors including prolonged hypertension. I bet having re read your post that you may be getting the hint that its all in your head. I have been there myself. we all know our bodies i would say, if things are not feeling right for you, they probably arent! Maybe make a list of question and go back to your doctors. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find out whats going on.I presume your blood sugars etc are all in normal range?
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