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Is there a connection bewteen htn and mostly-temporal head pressure ?

A lot to condense so will just say I  have a complex cardiac history, including 2 AVR's within a few months ( last year) acute endocarditis ( 2015) and currently monitoring paravalvular  leaks in 3 valves.  Until  late August my BP was generally140/75 but since then it is higher  and despite 2 months of titration ( enalapril in several dosages)  and adding 2mg Cardura to twice daily enalapril and 50 mg Toprol XL, it just fluctuates wildly  during the day,  and day to day,   seemingly without regard to enalapril dosages being doubled,  tripled, quadrupled  or reduced. It  is always highest on waking,( typical is 165/78) and  does NOT  go down an hour or two after morning meds - itactually rises at that point some days.  It takes 3-4  hours to take effect  & begin to lower --  but tends to be low by 6pm and (typically 135/65) at bedtime.  I am not symptomatic, except for pressure in my head somewhat like attitude-induced pressure in a plane.  I do not ( not do  I EVER) have headaches. ( probably have had a dozen headaches in my lifetime,I just don't get them).  The pressure seems to be in  whole head but  stronger at temporal bones , in front of ears- at  eye height .   My BP problem is  systolic only! . Diastolic seldom  moves much or get  high.  I do not have sleep or snoring  issues, and just had  thorough dental  checkup at  major hospital including many xrays.   Jaws are  fine, no tooth infections.   The cause of this htn fluctuation has two cardiologists puzzled.    Since the upper-head pressure is the only  symptom, is there something that occurs to you , that might be causing it and also  the htn?  I am a 68 yr old female, generally stress-free.    I have also started  feeling "something"  vertical in left-side neck that seems to run up toward that jaw ..... cant feel anything with hand  ( lymph node or anything else) , just a sensation sometimes  that something is there.         Any  suggestions welcome!!!    I do have an appt with an ENT next week.  Hoping   it might also pinpoint reason for htn           thanks so much.      
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