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Managing labile hypertension - at my wit's end!

Hi everyone. Does anyone have advice regarding labile hypertension? I have severe white coat and am a generally anxious person. While I've made progress, I get surges of anxiety but this morning's episode at the doctor's was 154/122 - very scary diastolic!

My readings do come down, but what I really want to pursue now is medicine that blunts these spikes. My average BP is in upper normal range, but I think the spikes are too severe.  

If anyone has any advice from similar experiences, or with treatment options, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all :)
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Hello and welcome to medhelp's forums.  This is a frustrating problem to have and compounds the anxiety you must feel.  Has your doctor been helpful in discussing this with guidance on how to treat? Always work with your doctor on issues such as this.  This article has some ideas for you https://www.healthline.com/health/labile-hypertension.  One of the best ways to minimize this issue is regular exercise.  The amount for you is individual for but general guidelines from the American Heart Association are 30 minutes of exercise five times a week which could include brisk walking.  Hopefully you are incorporating that into your daily routine.  The medications used are often of the anxiety nature such as short acting anxiolytics or beta blockers. Again, this is something to discuss with your doctor.  Let us know how it goes.  
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Thanks so much for that advice. I’m discussing the issue with my doctor next week and will post an update :) it certainly is very frustrating!
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don't know
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