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I went to the doctor yesterday and I was prescribed hydrochlorothiazide for my blood pressure.  I am really skeptical about taking this medication, or any medication for that matter.  I am 21 years old and I cannot figure out why my blood pressure is high in the first place.  I do have a lot of anxiety problems and I wonder if that contributes to it.  I also take Paxil for my anxiety and I have been told that can cause high blood pressure.  So my questions are:

Is hydrochlorothiazide something that can be discontinued later after my blood pressure lowers or is it a drug that is meant to be taken long term?

Has anyone had experience with Paxil causing high blood pressure?

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Welcome and thanks for your question. Hydrochlorothiazide is a simple diuretic that works by helping remove excess fluids from your blood and tissues. It is very safe and can be discontinued anytime, but preferably after you have made the necessary lifestyle changes to lower your BP.

Also, I have never heard of Paxil causing HP, but [perhaps some one else has.

I hope this helps,

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I looked at a couple of websites for paxil side effects and didn't see hypertension listed on any of them.

Before discontinuing any medication you should check with your doctor but it's my understanding that diuretics are not meds that need to be tapered or have a rebound effect if stopped at any time.

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