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Mysterious high BP

Apologies in advance for this long winded thing, but I'm a dataphile and assume you are as well. 42f, 5'6" 180 lbs. Recently lost 22 pounds, still going, great diet, exercise regularly with C25K, hiking and heavy lifting. Intermittent faster. Ran a Spartan 4 years ago in the best shape of my life, gained a bunch of weight (35) last year due to my daughter attempting suicide and my husband experiencing a horrible motorcycle accident. (Everyone is doing better).

BP has been randomly, inconsistently elevated for about 2 months (as far as I'm aware). Annual checkup, doc says keep an eye on it, so I buy a BP wrist cuff, which ended up being about 10 points over on average (based off doc office comparison, read on). Got a bicep cuff 3 days ago at the recommendation of the third! doc I've seen about said issue. I wish I could attach that data here (it's a great bar graph), but suffice to say it's severe hypertension, but incredibly variable both diastolically and systollically. Always taken at rest, it varies from day to day from juuuust barely hypertensive to go to the emergency department immediately (according to 2 separate nurses).

I got a propranolol prescription, extended release, but let doc know I stopped a week later when I tried to hike and was alarmed by my super low heart rate, which caused me to crash so hard at the end of my hike that I could barely function for the rest of the day. Exercise is important to me, so is fasting, which does affect the BP since my first reading in February (seems to be high when deeply fasting but drops a bit when I eat, yet still in hypertensive category).

My research has ruled out the common causes of hypertension (diabetes, diet, lack of exercise, etc.) vitamin D deficiency (blood was taken and ruled deficient but I've been on high dose D for 4 weeks so far). EKG readings were normal. All other full panel of blood readings were within normal range.

Doc #3 finally ordered a stress test, but they haven't called me to schedule it for 2 weeks and I'm starting to panic. The last 3 days have been highly concerning. I've been a great sleeper my whole life, but after 48 hours of readings at or around severe hypertension, last night I was WIRED and didn't sleep. At all. It was insane. My highest reading was 163/23, and this was after lying in bed watching TikToks for an hour. I was also headachey and dry mouthed.

So am I on the right track thinking adrenal tumor? I researched kidney issues as well. Sounds possible. I really hate to do the WebMD rabbit hole, but without answers or doc communication, I'm severely worried about a stroke or heart attack. This is SO STRANGE to me, and I'm scared. What specialist should I see? Cardiologist? Nephrologist? Any advice?
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I'm a few year older than you, female. Also working on things. What is your diet plan if I may ask and what is C25K??  (trying to learn, need better ways!). Ironically (or sadly not), my teenage son also became suicidal and it turned my life upside down. I was up and down. Either not eating (lost 25 pounds in two months because I was too anxious to eat) or eating everything in sight (gained 30 back in just as short of a time. )

My son takes propanolol for anxiety. Just fyi. I was started during all of this on losartan. BUT, I'd been fighting high blood pressure. I definitely see a fluctuation with stress and my weight and if/if not I've been exercising. I had pregnancy hypertension with my first child so was told I likely had genetic hypertension in my future. good times.

Something to mention. Your age. You are also probably having fluctuating hormones. This impacts these things too. Just fyi.

My bp ran in the 140's over 90's for awhile. But then it started getting to the 160's. Yes, that high. I went to my physical and they talked ER and then I said I can't with my son so they had me promise to fill the script of losartan I'd not wanted to take and begin that day. My BP did immediately come down. It's in an acceptable range but still not where I want it (hence the exercise/diet questions).

What is your bp? Don't be afraid to tell us here. The told me to monitor over 3 months. They said to chart it and take it maybe 3 times a day. Around the same time each day. Over that time, they got a reading on it.

It sounds like you went to a new doctor. How is it going and do you have an update. Beta blockers work but it doesn't sound like a good fit for you. My son's bp does drop with propanolol. but it is welcome as he has severe anxiety and it makes him feel better. He also is a runner and is a young 19 year old.

How is your daughter?
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