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Nighttime only: High BP, Headache, Rushing Sound Wakes me

I'm a 47 y/o woman with perimenopausal symptoms. About a year ago I began experiencing hemifacial freezing,but it seems directly tied to when and how I turn my head. Now for about three months I've had random periods in which (for several days at a time) I will be awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of pounding in my head,it sounds like my heart and it's going crazy fast. Bought a BP device, and my BP is excellent when standing and sitting, and at night when I'm not symptomatic. Then, on nights where I'm symptomatic, I still have excellent BP when sitting and standing, but it shoots up to a range of 145-160 over 95-112. Additionally, I've been having pretty much constant headaches for three years now. Every day. I know I shouldn't, but I live on a combination of tylenol and ibuprofen for them. I've no medical insurance at this time. Last year I went to the ER for the first experience of hemifacial freezing (they missed it, it had gone back to normal by the time I arrived), and they did a CT scan, and diagnosed me with just a migraine (I know it's hemifacial freezing because I experienced it in a restaurant and a nurse came to my table and said that's what it was, and to tell my doctor that this is what she saw). I should also share that a few years ago, before the initial headaches began, a massage therapist was massaging my neck when there was a loud popping sound, and it triggered an instant headache - really, I rarely got headaches before this, and well, crazy as it may sound, I keep having this dream over and over again (I know I sound crazy now, and this is probably unrelated, but who knows? Intuition may be a thing here?) that a disc or bone in my neck is pressing on an artery and that is causing all of this. Is this crazy? You can skip that part, and just address the other things I mentioned :) I would entirely understand.

THank you in advance for your time. I've a $14,000 bill from that last ER trip, and no coverage at this time, so I've no other options but to try to discern things for myself.
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