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Problem of blood preassure jumps

Hello everyone, my father is 65 years old and his medical conditions are: varicose veins, gastroesophageal flow, hypertension. Since 3 months he got also persistent caught but his medic has not yet identified the cause, he  thought chronic bronchitis. My father is also highly nervous, does not follow his diet(eats cheese, wine 2-3 bottles per week, eats lots of fruit and quite a lot generally).

Lately we seen that his blood preassure jumps of lots. In the following link you may view his cardiogram: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19kOi0x2Kih3Ue_4PZ1wTbVsEhSXx8mws
2-3 weeks ago was bleeding out of his mouth and hypertension. I would like to know what you think and perhaps solutions.

Currently he is taking the following italian pharmacs.
morning: "ALONEB 5g/25g" o 'NEBIVOLO e IDROCLOROTIAZIDE 5g+12.5g" if high preassure(Max to 141)
evening: "AMLODIPINA Mylan 10mg" if high preassure(Max to 150mmHg)
evening: "GAVISCON ADVANCE" if coughing
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Is he ill?  What is he taking the cough medication for?  Sometimes when we have an illness or cough, our BP will go higher.  A coughing fit can do that even.  Inflammation in the body when ill can create issues too.  So, is he or has he been ill?
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He is not ill. The doctor doesn t know exactly what the coughh is for. He suspect it is caused by his gastroesophageal flow and "GAVISCON ADVANCE" is excatly against stomach inflammation that rises up to the esophagus.
Got it and yes, gerd does cause a cough for some.  Sorry, I wasn't very helpful with my questions.  The thing with blood pressure is that it can rise periodically and that can be normal. This is why the tracking is important to look for a pattern.  If it is routinely high, that's a problem. If it is occasionally high, less so.  I'm supposed to take my blood pressure a few times a day (at least twice) at different times and the recommendation is to sit with feet flat on floor, relaxed, and think peaceful thoughts.  When I was sick with a respiratory illness, my BP was higher.  So, that's where I was going with that.  But doesn't sound to be the case with you.  I was confused because you also mentioned bleeding out of the mouth which I assumed was from the cough? That warrants a doctors visit in my opinion. You mention chronic bronchitis.  So, it is hard to follow.  

Does he track his bp by taking it a couple of times every day?  
He said that he came home after doing sport (tennis table) and his tongue was full of blood. He went then to the hospital where they gave him an injection to decrease high BP. The medics goes under the belief of "season change" was the cause. He does tracks his BP 2 times a day, 70% of times.
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