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Reluctant to take BP medication

We know several people in their 70s who have experienced fainting and dizziness as a result of BP meds reducing it to 120/80 and lower, including two people (my husband being one) who recently suffered worrying blackouts and ended up in hospital.  In both cases their meds were stopped and my husband’s BP has now reverted to his original readings of around 154/80. (He was on Amlodipine, Lisinopril and Bendroflumethiazide and his BP before passing out was 97/60).
For many years my BP stayed in the region of 120/80, which I took for granted until my husband’s blackouts, when I took my BP and found it now varies between 140/80 to 155/85 1st thing in morning . It’s probably been creeping up with age (I’m 73) but isn’t helped by recent anxiety over my husband.
We’re now unsure of what to do.  We're both now loath to see a doctor as we don’t want to have meds inflicted on us to force it back down to 120/80, causing more problems.  I've heard a rumour that, as with statins, doctors get paid to dish out BP meds.
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You know what? I felt  that way. I watched my bp rise and had constant worry about it. I have familial hypertension. Finally my doctor was like . . . we've waited long enough. Let's get it started. I started on a low dose of losartan and my bp immediately dropped 25 points. I've not had to go up on dose. Other than when I FIRST began the medication, I've had no side effects. I got dizzy and felt like chest pains for about 3 or 4 days when beginning the med. After that? Nothing. I actually feel better. Because my when your bp is 155/85? You do not feel good. You don't realize it, but you don't. it's hurting your heart, your lungs and your kidneys. You are at greater risk for a coronary event or a stroke. Speaking strong words here. Don't be afraid of BP pills. They ca prolong your life.
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Thank you for your reply.  It seems to be a matter of one extreme or the other where BP meds are concerned.   Our husbands’ recent ‘funny turns’ have been a scary experience for me and my friend.  Hers had two occasions when he stopped breathing briefly and was confused when he came round; mine had extreme fatigue with brain fog and then a couple of seizures for about 30 secs.  In both cases their BP was found to be well under 120/80, the BP the doctors insisted on reducing it to.  As all other tests were negative, the A&E doctors considered this to be the cause.  
While we’re all feeling fine at the moment, obviously none of us want a heart attack or stroke but neither do we want a repeat of the above episodes.  
I really think that with the age you all have reached, I'd not assume it was the BP medications causing such extreme side effects. Seizures and fainting and stopping breathing. That's not the norm. Most of the time, BP medication doesn't cause anything but start up side effects or a cough. Very true though, as one gets older, they are more prone to side effects. But the American Heart Association still says that the benefits outweigh risks in controlling bp through medication in older adults. Of course, I am not you nor know exactly what is happening with the husbands. I would say though that this is unusual and a very good chance it is not related to the medication. TIA's sound to be a possibility and I'd look into that. Transient ischemic attacks follow the pattern of the first person you mention. I've witnessed one including what looked like a short seizure after. Anyway, best of luck.

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