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Running + border line HBP

I have being training for several running races for 5 months. Before going into a preparation for a half marathon training, I went to the cardiologist to do a check up, as I know my BP always was borderline to be considered high. I did Echo, Stress tests and 24h BP measurements. Echo and stress went all right, but BP was slightly high, my mean systolic pressure was 133 and mean diastolic was 83, with the maximum during the test being 148 an 100. The physician recommended for me to take 20mg of benicar. I'm on it for a week, but I realized after 30 min of running, my performance goes down, and a finish my 10k really really tired, with difficulties to breathe, which didn't happen before. My resting pulse rate was between 50 and 60, now with benicar is above 70. My question - Is this really the medicine side effects ? which drug could be better to not affect my running performance? Am I really with high blood pressure, because I've read some people saying that for people who are very active, it's common to have low pulse rate and relatively high systolic pressure?
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Im a little surprised that you were given meds with a 133 BP average?

130 - 140 is in the lower end of the  pre hypertension range alright, but usually lifestyle changes(Diet , salt reduction etc are the initial steps?)
All these BP meds have side effects. Im sure of that.
The other thing is . . . . once they start, its often for life!

Also you seem to have historical data of your BP numbers being a little high, so its not a sudden onset of things?

Do you have any other medical issues, as this could make a difference with the clinical decision
For example any Kidney issues or Diabetes?
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I have 32 years now, and since I've started monitoring my pressure at 22 years, my pressure is like that, the first doctor(10 years ago) suggested me to take losartan half the formal dosage just to protect from peaks, as I've always being weight lifter. I didn't take it. Now, as I started to run more seriously I decided to do check up, and got the same diagnosis, but with benicar due to simplicity to take, just on pill per day.
I don't have any other condition, blood sugar are ok, kidney ok as well.
My diet I think is ok. I've lost 17 kg since the beginning of the year, exercising 5 times a week. I stopped benicar for 2 days, and already feeling performance improving.

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