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Should I be concerned

I am 27 and have been experiencing constant high bp for the past month and a half after a weekend of intense chest pains both tight and occasional sharp pain. Ekg came back fine but I was borderline sinus bradycardia with a bpm of 53 but a blood pressure of 140/100. Sense then my best bp has been 133/83 and worst was 192/113 With a mean of 159/97 over the past 3 weeks. Also my right arm systolic is usually 20-30 higher than my left. I have seen a cardio doctor and they have me waiting 2 weeks for a hear monitor because I'm non emergent due to my age. I just need help. This constant pain and discomfort in my chest is becoming too much to deal with.
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oh, I think your bp is too high. I will fluctuate throughout the day and it is important that you are using a good bp cuff and doing it correctly. Is there any update? Is this still going on? And chest pain, that is worrisome. we can have angina and anxiety that cause that kind of pain but just because you are young, I'd not take it lightly. Have you seen your cardio again since you posted this?
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