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Should I go to the emergency room?

Female,33. Suffer from chronic kidney disease stage 3. Medically atypical(meaning that I generally don't experience common symptoms for most ailments.  Generally either abnormal symptoms or higher level of severity than normal.) So, this past 10-14 days my blood pressure has been extremely high. Worst reading was 160/108 (never been that high before). No symptoms other than flushed skin and noticeable fatigue. Should I go to the emergency room to get checked out or wait until I get an appointment with my primary doctor?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  I hope you've checked in with your doctor by now.  Consistent blood pressure readings that are high need to be checked out.  If you have chest pains with the symptom of a high blood pressure reading, then that is time to go to the emergency room.  Why are you taking your blood pressure regularly?  Do you have anxiety?  It's good to check your BP several times a day and record the readings to notice trends and patterns.  Your doctor will likely have you do this.  Please let us know how you are doing.  
Thanks for responding! I do have anxiety and depression and am on meds for both.  However,  I also have chronic kidney disease  (stage 3), and so it requires a careful monitoring of my blood pressure,  as well.  My nephrologist had asked me to check it at least 3 times daily, just to make sure it stays steady. But checking it like that without seeing any high pressures began affecting my anxiety,  and I was already dealing with the stress of pregnancy and then my miscarriage,  so I was forced to stop taking it. It was only a gut instinct last Saturday night that caused me to check it and find that it was high. But I saw my primary doctor yesterday and she has ordered a full work up and put me on my meds that I was on before getting pregnant. So I should be good to go now.
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