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Unexplained Hypertension

Just wanted to see if anyone has any insight on my situation, or has encountered the same thing.
I am a 24 year old female, 5'7" about 125 lbs. I was diagnosed with benign hypertension when I was about 16, probably 110 lbs. Recently (within the last year) my blood pressure seems to be getting higher and I taking a toll on my body. My average BP runs about 160/110... highest probably 190/120, but lowest it ever gets is 130/95... if I am lucky. My heart rate never drops under 100 bpm, average is about 140. I do see a cardiologist. Who insists on putting me on bp meds which seem to have no effect. I have had my kidneys tested, thyroid, an extensive amount of blood work, nothing seems to point to a cause. I was diagnosed with a mitral valve prolapse when I was probably 12, but as I got older they said they couldn't hear a prolapse anymore. I have been on a multitude of bp meds, started with HCTZ, verapamil, metoprolol, amitryptiline (spelling could be way off), norvasc, and more, the list is so long I can't remember all. I am currently on a high dose of carvedilol, which just wipes me out. I find that beta blockers bring down my heart rate but almost increase my bp. I do have the congenital disease, pectus excavatum, which is rare for girls, and does cause me shortness of breath and quick fatigue with any sort of physical activity ( even walking up the stairs). Im high school I was an avid soccer player, and cross country runner, until I started passing out. Which is when I was diagnosed. I also get horrible nose bleeds about 3 times a week, my doctor suggested I try sleeping sitting up, which is really difficult haha.  I am desperately looking for any suggestions or insight on this. Thanks,
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Hello in I'm sorry to hear about your situation and I hope everything turns out for the better! It might ease you to know your not alone, I too have very high blood pressure I am a male and just 22 years old. I've always been very active in sports, not over weight, never smoked, don't drink, but I was started out on hctz which did nothing for me, the when to a combination of Losartan/hctz and I'm now on the max of those two drugs and my average Bp 150/90 throughout the day. Highest was 220/100 I believe lowest is about like yours 130/80.....they recently gave me a beta blocker to add with my other meds but I refuse to take because my heart rate is low already. I still don't know the reasoning for my hypertension, I do have a leaky valve not sure how bad I think mild. Hopefully we both can find some answers, are you ever symptomatic when you Bp gets high ? If so what symptoms do u have we could compare?
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Hi. I have almost worked out my issue after being told it was anxiety, cfs cos I had lung surgery, then I developed ibs and gerd, then same type of thing as you guys. Recently I have got to the bottom of mine because I went into hypertensive crisis while upright. You know how it feels. Have you had 24 hour heart test. That's good for readings at night. Make sure if you do that you change your position at night. After years of this c%$p I incidently found out that I have degenerative disc disease of the spine and bad osteo. I didn't know I had it but have had angina type feelings for years but they kept saying it's anxiety. I got emphysemia at 16 and had 20 percent of each lung removed. Anyway, often this disease causes disc bulges in the spine. My POTS is chronic everytime I stand. Do lots of home testing like I did. Lay in foetal position, take it straight after standing, in all physical situations. Mine is caused by abnormality in my upper thoracic spine. Btw t2 to t5 area. Spinal chord narrowing or nerve compression with this does not always cause pain but what it does is stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, despite you not even knowing. Further down the spine the adrenal sympathetic nerve can also be activated. So if you haven't had an mri on your spine but you have tried everything else, it took me 20 years to work this out. I get bradycardia on meds cos when I lay in foetal position I get normal bp. Just something else to eliminate because most doctors don't look for that. Associated symptoms in this area are stomach, gerd, throat, bronical tubes, frequent urination, constripation. This is because your sympathetic system runs down the spine.
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Thanks for sharing I'll look into that after I knock these other tests out
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Thanks for sharing I'll look into that after I knock these other tests out
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I was also diagnosed of hypertention. My blood pressure tend to increase anytime I went to check, ranging from 130/80 @ my first check to 170/90 @ my latest check. I refused medication because I was already on a lot of synthetic drugs so I wanted to try natural remedies.
I tried a lot of ways at the same time and now my latest reading was 120/90. Hope u find some remedies like raw fruits & veg., garlic, apple cider vinegar n some minor exercise.
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What natural remedies did you do? Any supplements?
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My weight is good, diet excellent; could increase exercise which is currently moderate --working 3-4 hours in garden daily. I have been searching answers for inexplicably  extreme --low and high blood pressure sporadically , and today found this web site http://tophealthnews.net/the-5-minute-cure-for-high-blood-pressure/
I am going to try the pressure points. as described
More help here: http://tophealthnews.net/the-5-minute-cure-for-high-blood-pressure/
Here: William Hoff method  https://www.wimhofmethod.com/vagus-nerve-stimulation
Additional stress relief using pressure points: https://www.modernreflexology.com/acupressure-to-relieve-anxiety-palpitations-and-nervousness/
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