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Varied BP numbers and high heart rate

Hello everyone, looking for some feedback on these numbers. Male, 55 family history of high bp. Numbers were creeping into the low 130's over low 80's so conceded to take 5mg of Lisinopril starting about 6 months ago. Results were good enough I was hoping to ease off with some lifestyle changes but things have been spiking lately.

Recently found out I have PVC's and have been told they're nothing to worry about. Being the hypochondriac I am, I asked to be referred out to a cardiologist who did a stress test and an echo with “normal” results.

I know there's an anxiety/psychological component here that does not help the matter but wondering how I can be 110/70 one day and 150/110 the next. Heart rate is also a concern and seems to coincide with the higher numbers and increased PVC activity. When it's bad, maybe 4-6 per minute but otherwise not really noticeable or an issue.

Planning to go in for my annual next week and discuss with the Dr. but looking for any insights or feedback beforehand. Thanks in advance

108/81 91 6:30am
127/88 93 10:00am
137/88 85 11:30am
124/86 103 1:00pm
113/81 95 3:15pm
115/79 98 5:00pm
113/79 96 6:00pm

127/77 97 4:15am
122/86 95 5:10am
116/83 79 6:45pm

107/73 99 4:10am
110/82 79 7:00pm
108/76 82 7:31pm
113/79 81 8:30pm

118/78 92 6:28am
141/89 84 12:30pm
141/90 73 4:15pm
131/98 95 6:35pm
150/94 97 6:36pm (pill)
160/94 116 6:45pm
110/78 100 9:15pm

115/80 88 6:30am
129/89 109 9:50 (IR)
131/96 99 9:52am
145/117         99 10:00am
144/104         98 10:15am
168/94 119 10:30am
136/93 104 10:45am
149/98 86 11:00am
134/101         91 12:00pm
135/102         97 12:30pm
147/96 91 1:00pm
130/88 81 1:30pm
Took a 3 mile walk
131/95 103(IR) 2:30pm
136/95 104 5:45pm

Thanks again
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Hi.  I understand bp concerns. I have them too.  I was borderline and highly anxious because of that for a few years. FINALLY, my doctor said enough and prescribed Losartin for me which dropped my bp 30 points.

You are over checking your bp. This looks to be highly anxiety related. I understand it. I was there. You gotta pull back and consider treating your anxiety. Talk therapy for health anxiety, medication? these things CAN help.

Taking bp at home can be unreliable. I bought a very expensive cuff but still. It's not like the doctor's office. You've been to a cardiologist and had a clean bill of heart health. Now, focus on the other things. Don't drink alcohol and if okay by doctor, begin a solid heart healthy diet and exercise routine. Get plenty of sleep. Treat your anxiety professionally.

If your bp is going up and staying up? Talk to your doctor about another blood pressure medication.  I will tell you that I am not consistent in the normal range and I feel better. I so didn't want medication for some reason. But? My genetics didn't cooperate or my love of cheese cake. Oddly, since I started the Angiotensin 2 blocker, I've also lost weight. That same hormone that creates the bp issues also makes someone hang onto weight more easily. I'm glad I treated my genetic blood pressure issue.

This is kind of strong advice. But you are really struggly. PVC's are indeed normal and often the effect of anxiety. They monitored for these. Doctors are trying to give you care. Try to trust them.
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