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What could it have been?

I am currently on three different Bp medication which I take daily however my Bp is consistently high the lowest it has ever been was 168/107. I am 39 years old. This weekend I attempted to run a few errands. I got up, showered, got dressed put my make up on as usual. My elevator in the building was out so I even walked down 12 flights of stairs. Once I got downstairs my body changed my entire left side became numb. Nevertheless I continued to shop dragging my left leg. I began having trouble seeing, my left side of my face was drooping and speech was slurred throughout all of this. I continued shopping until I could no longer take it. However I never went to the hospital. A day later I'm still weak my speech is a little slurred. My left arm is completely use less. I'm drenched in sweat. Is there anything I can do to fix this without going to the doctor? I recently lost my job and I have a job interview in two days. I'm afraid if I go to the doctor I will be admitted. I am a single mother of four boys and one is in his last year of college, so I need this job. I need some advise.
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Its hard to be sure what the problem is, as we don't have your full medical history. Im not a doctor. Having read your post, I urge you to forget about 2 days time and the interview. The symptoms warrant a visit to the ER without delay. Please don't ignore it. It will probably settle, but its far too risky to be leaving this to chance. I don't want to scare you, but you need it checked out.. I advise the Doctor now or the Er . I understand about the job fears you have, but this takes precedence over that . Keep us posted
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Not to scare you, but it could have been a mini stroke or a stroke.  You should go to the ER if you haven't already.  Thome symptoms you're describing are symptoms of a stroke.  Sometimes other things cause those symptoms, so it's important to be assess by a doctor.  I wish you the best, take care of yourself.
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