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What is the actual ideal blood pressure?

It seems we're supposed to walk a tight wire here when I look online.

I had to begin monitoring my blood pressure at home after my doctor noted two readings a month apart of ~152/85 but because I am young and being treated for anxiety they wanted me to monitor at home as the readings were possibly false

I bought a home monitor and have now become obsessed with it - after sitting down at home I have averaged around 124/76 over the last week.

What aggravates me is that there is no consensus on what is even a "good" blood pressure. Other than don't be too high.

I saw one site that basically said those with blood pressure over 120/80 were at risk and in the very next paragraph those under 120/80 had other risks - so is a persons blood pressure only supposed to be 120/80 and nothing else? Give me a break...

My issue is after thinking I have high blood pressure when I relax at home and sit quietly on the couch I now can get very low readings I recently got a reading of 111/64 this morning - is my blood pressure now too low? Just one more thing for me to worry about.

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Hi there.
Stop the worrying!
I am not a doctor , but I have a detailed knowledge of BP numbers etc

Firstly, a perfect BP would be in the region of 120 over 80
Thats the starting point.
Blood pressure over 130 and up to 140 is in the pre hypertension range.
Over 140 its classified as hypertension.
over 160 is moderate hypertension
over 180 is severe hypertension
(There are just the systolic numbers i am quoting.)
Blood pressure can vary a bit from measurement to measurement. So dont panic with one or two raised readings. It just needs to be monitored over a short while to get the average pressure.
A major thing that causes high numbers is called white coat hypertension. In this scene the BP numbers rise once you go to your doc to have the BP readings! Mine often was 30 pts higher on visiting my doc , compared to readings at home.
Regardless of how much you might feel relaxed, it still goes much higher.  It must be some sub conscious thing? Im not sure.
Numbers on the low side usually are absolutely nothing to worry about. If its below 100, its classified as low BP. They dont treat it unless there are low bp symptoms.
Believe me, your goal is NOT to have high bp. Otherwise you may have to begin bp meds. These are often a life long treatment and all meds have side effects.
I would suggest that you make sure to get a 24 hour ABPM test. This is the gold standard in bp measurement. Its non invasive, a little annoying , but costs little.
Its a bp cuff and monitor worn for 24 hours. It captures measurements twice an hour and gives a proper 24 hour average. it dis- allows a couple of hours at the start, so this factors out the possible raised bp in the white coat period. You will have a proper indication of your bp once you have the test. Insist on it, its widely available.
It will also show if your bp dips a bit at night, this is a positive sign. Also you may think your bp would be really low in the morning, but the body clock pushes it up early in the morning, say from 6 am, so if you take it early in the morning it may have started to rise, which is normal
I hope this is of some help to you?
Lets know
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