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What risk am I for ahving taken Hyzaar that was contaminated with NDEA?

I received a notice in the mail regarding this hypertensive medication that I have been taking for quite some time. Apparently some batches contained N-Nitrosodimethlamine (NDEA) which is a "probable carcinogen". The letter contained no information on how long this had been going on or how high a content the tablets contained, but my medicine was included in the batch list that was sent. Of course, I received a replacement tablets from the pharmacy where I get them. How great a risk could the previous tablets pose to me?
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Hi there. Sorry about this situation, that stinks.  I found this information which was really helpful. https://www.webmd.com/hypertension-high-blood-pressure/valsartan-losatran-bp-med-recalls-2018-19.  Basically, the risk is 'very small'.  If 8,000 people took the medication that had the NDEA in it every single day for 4 years, there might be ONE case of cancer in those 8,000 people. But since it can happen, they recalled it.  And hey, I'd not want to take a drug that had potential cancer risk associated with it.

So, I wouldn't be too worried over all. Talk to your doctor at your next visit.  good luck
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