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What to do? Please provide some input*

Over view: I'm 26yrs, male and I've had hypertension over the last few years (heridetary) I've been through tests, I'm physically active and just slightly over weight. I've been into sports all my life. My pressure runs 130'-150's/70's with meds my top number has always been high.

Here's a list of my meds:

Morning (Losartan 100mg/hctz 25mg, spirolactone 5 mg, clonidine 2.5mg)

Evening: clonadone 2.5 mg

Night: Bystolic 10mg, clonidine 2.5mg, spirolactone 5mg

Is this ridiculous amount for a 26 yr old? My pressure use to run 140-170/70 now it's 130-150/70....I see a heart specialist because I have mild lvh. Is this just an aggressive approach to bring it down or absurd amount of medicines? A lot of these have side affects and risks I'm sure. I feel tired most of the day..please help
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If you are under stress, you must let it go.  Listen to soothing music as often as possible.  Eat healthy, walk with a friend regular (morning and evening) and most of all meditate and pray.
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If you are not comfortable with the amount of medication you are on- bring it up to your doctor.  Some doctors are willing to listen to concerns about the number of medications, others blow you off- but it's worth mentioning.  If you feel like they are not listening, get a second opinion.  It doesn't hurt to go see another doctor to see what they have to say.  
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I would definitely agree too many medications. Talk to another doctor to have alternate opinion. I have fairly high blood pressure without my med. 1 med. I am vegetarian and control my salt intake. Eating more fruits that have potasium may help. 1 glass of orange juice helps. 1 apple a day helps. Walk regularly every day. Avoid bad fats, especially cheese is 30% saturated fat and bad bacterias. Go cheese and milk free for 3 months and see the difference. My case is severe so I still take one med only. For me I have good experience with olmesartan generic also known as olmetec. TALK to your doctor to lower your meds and do lifestyle and changes in diet to improve blood and heart health.
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