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Why am I having episodes of severe hypertension?

Background info; 24yr old male, no known medical issues, no substance abuse, non smoker.

Couple of months ago I’ve developed these symptoms where I start feeling dizzy, becoming sweaty, have palpitations, and my blood pressure goes from normally 115/70 to ridiculous amounts such as 210/110. I’ve had blood tests which checked my thyroid etc and showed no problems. I had a mild iron deficiency anemia which has resolved now and slightly low phosphate. I’m still having these symptoms. They’re coming on at any point, it can happen daily or I can be fine for days with nothing. I can’t find any trigger I can be busy working and bam or I can be chilling and watching tv. I feel the blood pressure is doing damage to my nerves now as since, I’ve started having tingling down my arm and fingers, trigeminal and occipital neuralgia symptoms. My doctor hasn’t given any solid diagnosis yet and I’m just fed up with feeling ill and not knowing.

I know I won’t get a diagnosis here but wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or know of what possible diagnoses it could be?
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