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Why do I feel much better with high blood pressure?

I am hypertensive. Male age 75. 140-155 over 80-90. And I have bradycardia with pulse in 50s. I am taking doxazosin for the blood pressure (and BPH). At times, for no reason at all when I do minimum exercise, I feel faint. I immediately take my BP reading and it is entirely in normal range 110-120 over 70. And my pulse is in 60s-70s. I never feel faint when I take readings and my BP is on the high spectrum. I know all the so well- documented reasons why hypertension can create many medical problems. But...,
Do some people function better with high BP and low pulse rate?? Thanks for your opinions
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It certainly is high for a teenager but not for somebody aged 73
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Your Blood Pressure isn't really high for your age. The important one is the bottom one called Diastolic, upto 90 is fine, Systolic of 140 or 145 is also not bad. You can relax with these figures. Has anyone told you that your BP is high?
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I hate to disagree with you but that upper range of 140 to 145 is considered high blood pressure even for a teenager.  https://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/news/20060519/high-blood-pressure-teens  At the very least, it's indicative of a familial blood pressure issue that will eventually need addressed.  
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Well, that's an interesting question.  I'm not sure.  I'd say I am kind of the reverse.  Do you equate these high readings to something like an adrenaline rush?
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No. High readings are my normal. No special “rush”
What happens when they are lower?  Is your doctor wanting to lower your blood pressure?
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