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bp question

hi im looking for some advice . i had my son 11 months ago , bp was fine all through pregnancy . and up till 3 days after section . then i managed to get up and drink coffee and smoke again . and i saw the monititor and it was a bit high the surgon wasnt worried but it just kept getting higher with me panicking so he gave me labatol for a 2 weeks . and wanted me to stop it . anyway i moved and got a new doc who i told i have a phobia he told me my reading was  190/114 . got me a 24hr monitor and was still high bc i panicked every time it bleeped . i eneded up taking it off after 6 hours . when i do my bp at home its 129/79  sometimes when i panick its alot higher . my question is is it possible for anxiety to raise the bp to 190/114  sorry this is a long story  
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Yes, it's possible for anxiety to raise blood pressure up to 190/114.

I wonder why you keep measuring your blood pressure during panic. Try to focus on what you DO know:

1) Anxiety will raise blood pressure in everyone and it is a normal response.
2) Your blood pressure WILL be high during panic.
3) Measuring your blood pressure WILL NOT make it any lower, rather the opposite.

You'll need to work on your anxiety. Labetalol will lower your blood pressure during panic, yes. It may be a good idea, I can't tell for sure because I'm not a physician, but it sounds like the right medicine for anxiety-driven high blood pressure. That said, you need to treat the root, high blood pressure is just a symptom of your anxiety.

I had major "blood pressure phobia". I'm taking SSRI. Fear of high blood pressure is not a phobia. It is actually a manifestation of OCD.

Obsession: My blood pressure is high.
Compulsion: Checking blood pressure, hoping for reassurance.

You can't "avoid" having a blood pressure, you can't escape from your blood pressure. Blood pressure is a perfect thing to fear because you start to fear anxiety (as it will elevate blood pressure). If you were afraid of cancer, you wouldn't have more "cancer symptoms" during anxiety.

You sort of need to be "friends" with your blood pressure. Accept that everyone get an elevated blood pressure during anxiety. And maybe you should discuss medications with your doctor, mainly to treat your anxiety.
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ment to add this phobia of high bp is ruining my life . i cant sleep at night or take my son to the park because im terriefied im going to have a heart attack . :(
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