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is it anxiety or something else?

hello wise people. i'm a 29 year old male. no history of medical illness of any type.  current weight 89 kg. height 5.10 .
in past used to workout an hour daily for atleast 3-4 years till 2014 i weighted around 94 kg.
i sometimes felt light fluttering in my chest. but never give any attention to it. as it was nothing.

2 months back i had a weird thing happend to me. i was standing in a gathering and suddenly i felt light headed and my hands started shaking, heart beat rose and i started sweating instantly. i sat down right at that place and tried to relax myself. i was in complete awareness of what was happening. then i slowly walk back home, it was like a 2-3 minute episode. after half an hour i was feeling normal. next day i went to a lab for cholesterol test which came out slightly raised Cholesterol 254. after that day i went to see a doctor, he checked my blood pressure which was around 140/80 and did an ecg. ecg came out normal. he advised me to eat some blood pressure lowering meds and cholesterol lowering meds. i ate those meds for two days. 3rd day my blood pressure either dropped allot or rose allot that i almost fell on floor. i couldn't talk . my hands and feet were too cold that i felt fainting. checked my pulse which was 45 at that time. after that my mother made me a cup of tea. which i hardly swallowed but that made me feel little better. that evening i went to see another doctor. he checked my bp was 150/80. he gave me two meds. Inderal for heart rate control (only to be swallowed when heart rate is fast) and some other tablet to lower cholesterol level. i was very confused at that time. that he gave me almost same meds with different name. then next morning i went back to see the first doctor. he took my bp which was 130/70 he said he gave me blood pressure lowering med which was a little too much for me. so he asked me to stop taking it because it lower my blood pressure allot advised me to eat inderal if i feel fast heart beat and the same cholesterol lowering meds he advised before.
i was not very satisfied with his prescription so i contacted another doctor. he told DO NOT eat any of those meds. your cholesterol level are not very high. you should first start with diet and regular exercise and take alprasolam 0.25 before sleep every night. "i had sleeping problem for a long time, i woke up twice or more at night just to go to toilet ". after that i started taking alp 0.25 at night and also that other doc's prescribed cholesterol lowering med. i just wanted to be careful.

after few days  at night around bed time. i was watching tv lying on my bed and suddenly my heart start beating too fast that it might explode, i got scared and tried to control my breathing and called someone to check my b.p. a nurse visited about 15 mints later and checked my b.p my heart rate was still fast. b.p was 150/84. he gave me an inderal 10mg to swallow . i already had 0.25 alp after meal. he asked me to relax and sleep. heart was controlled after a while but i had a rough night , couldn't sleep.
next morning i went to a cardio specialist. medical specialist doctor. told him about last night. he gave two tests , eco and ett. both came out fine. he advised me do not take any kind of stress and be happy it seems like just a panic attack. advised me to regularly walk and loose some weight and also take inderal 10mg and 0.25 alprazolam . twice a day for a week and get lipid profile and thyroid profile  test and visit him after a week.
i ate those meds for a week meanwhile got my lipid profile and thyroid profile tested. i felt fine the whole week.
then i visited him again. he checked my bp which was 120/70 . checked my lipid profile and thyroid profile.
thyroid was fine only TSH was 4.8 . he said thyroid is normal tsh level is also not bad because t3 and t4 were perfectly normal so nothing to worry about. while my lipid profile was raised. LDL was 242 Triglycride 252 HDL 46.
he advised me to take for a month cholesterol lowering meds one doze at night and 0.25 alprazolm half doze in morning. i was also hearings rings in my ears and dizziness some times. for that he gave some meds for a week to maintain balance in ears. since last week i visited him my eye sight was also got little blurred. i wore -0.50 glasses. after getting checked from an eye specialist.

after few days no ringing in ears and no dizziness at all. i was feeling healthy while i was moderately jogging and walking aroud 30 minuts everyday that lower my weight to around 85 kg.

after one month i went back to see that doctor with a fresh lipid profile test. Triglycride 204  LDL 156  HDL 35.
again he changed the cholesterol meds he said it will also increase HDL level and 0.25 alp as usual only half in morning. take for one month , no need to visit him again just keep my cholesterol level check.
this whole period since it began i had a little cough as well. i also explained that to him. that i feel like it's coming from heart. that when even i get this cough i feel something in my chest. he says nothing to worry about . you have some allergic symptoms. gave me a nasal spray and two meds for allergy. one for morning and other for evening. take for 5 days.

i took those two days didn't felt comfortable as i felt vertigo in my belly and shortness of breath then after a week, i gave it another try. took for 2 days. and one med that i was taking at night gave me breathing problem. i couldn't breath properly  next day. like there was some infection in my chest.
so yesterday. around evening  i felt my breathing was very short and couldn't breath. like asthma symptom. and suddenly heart beat rose to 120bpm while resting. hands stared shaking and confusion and blurred vision. i quickly took inderal 10mg and laid on a bed. after about half hour heart rate came back to normal. checked my b.p 150/100. had an apple in dinner and ate my cholesterol med. and also 0.25 alp. that night went well. next days felt very weakness and weak and stuck voice.
since last two days :
i've been checking my glucose level . empty stomach was 4.2mmol/L and 90 mins after meal 5.8mmol/L. another reading. 4.4mmol/L before meal 7.1mmol/L after meal.

b.p 150/100 (also mentioned above)
around after breakfast 11AM 138/76   before lunch  2PM   139/85 after lunch  3:45 146/79

the thing is i do not feel relaxed . my heart alwasy flutters in my chest causing me discomfort. and weird feelings. at nights couldn't sleep well. every night 2 or more time had to wake up for loo. if anyone knows what is this if it is anxiety then how to control it. my only fear is that i've something wrong with my heart which scares me and that could be the only cause of my anxiety. also my heart rate is never same. from 50 to 90 it keeps fluctuating. doesn't matter how many times i check it's never same. even fluctating while im checking some beats are brief some are fast.
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Hi, Since your test from cardiology are fine, I suggest you to do meditation and sit in silence by closing your eyes - no thoughts. Its a practice will not come in a day or two. you will get it slowly - practice silence for 20 min and increase time slowly. You are fine and nothing to worry about your health.
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