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moods after open heart surgery

My husband had open heart surgery after a cardiac arrest where he was out for 4 minutes. I kept up CPR and revived him.  He had 5 arteries plugged to the point that one was recreating a path around itself.  He waited one more month after the CA before he could have surgery.  After the surgery, he immediately had a bleed, so they had to take him and open him up again to fix it.  He used to be moody at times, but from the day he had the surgery he is transfixed on the idea that I did something to him to get rid of him (into a nursing home) and he argues about every little thing, is always snarky.  He does the same thing with out 40 year old son who moved into our suite in our house.  He only talks hockey and seems void of anything to do with feelings.  He doesn't seem to think that there is anything ever to be sorry about and we live like this all the time, with him just going ballistic over simple things.  He has had a brain scan and nothing seems to be to out of the ordinary.  I have heard of other people having this happen and also people who were very miserable people their whole lives, suddenly turn into the kindest sweetest people you would ever know.  Do you know what might cause this, and are there any studies being done about this?  I appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you.
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Thank you for responding and trying to help me with this.  The only problem, is, this has been going on for 14 years.  As with other couples that I have met and heard their stories, they also have the issue ongoing for many years and have not changed from positive to negative, or negative to positive.  And I do know people who have gone to both.
He has had constant follow ups over the years, and is doing very well as
far as his heart and arteries.  Lucky because he didn't suffer a heart attack, but a cardiac arrest.  Lucky in that he was revived but didn't suffer heart damage.  I know that any problem with hearts can hardly be lucky except for being alive still without heart damage.  But can't understand why the heart can change personality to this extent and for so long.  Perhaps the people thousands of years ago new more about the heart than we do.
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Hi, mood swings may be there post surgery. The pain and trauma may promote this. You will have to be patient and slowly talk it out with him. As things ease he will settle down. If things are really bogging you down and you need help consult your primary care physician, he will guide you appropriately. Take Care and Hope this helps!  
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