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short of breath

I was just wondering if it's possible that my blood pressure meds could be causing my shortness of breath.  Supposedly I should not stop taking them, as that is what I would normally do to see if drugs were causing my issues.  Does anyone know?  My average readings are 134/72/72.  on the medications.  Irbesartan 300mg.  I have been on these drugs for about two or three years now.
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Call your pharmacist or your doctor and ask if this is a known side effect of the med you're on.  Ask if stopping has any risks, and if not, it's a good idea to stop and see if that solves your problem.  Sometimes you have to taper off some meds but unless your BP is so high you're about to drop dead from it, most BP problems depending on your age and how long the problem has existed can be fixed by changing diet and lifestyle.  It's slower, but it's a cure, not just a treatment of symptoms.  But I agree, you should contact your doctor and if your BP is successfully being regulated by the drug, meaning it's not the BP causing the problem, find out how to stop taking it safely and see if it fixes the problem.  If it does and you still need meds, try a different med.  
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Wait, I missed something here.  You've been on the meds for some years now.  If the shortness of breath has just been noticed now, and not all this time, then it's probably not the med.  Side effects would almost certainly have been noticed near when you started taking it.  So if you're saying it's just started now, I'd go see your doc and get a covid test asap.
I have had this dry chest and cough for awhile, and it just seems to linger and might be getting worse.

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