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Hashimoto's Craziness

by paularose, 23 hours
I had my appt May 23 & my Dr did increase my Synthroid again from 80 to 100mcg. We made a follow up appt for June 30th & I called to request another blood work order so I will have the new results in hand when I get there. I am STILL no better. This is so frustrating. I figure he will increase  it again. I feel the cytomel needs increased also. It is currently at 5mg 2 times a day, but as you said gotta raise T4 first & see where T3 falls after that. I may need to change Drs. I am beginning to wonder how many Hashi patients he has. He is an integrative Dr. which I thought would help me. I am gonna give him one more shot. This takes SO LONG, while the patient stays ill :(  I guess I need to know my numbers. So I need to know where I am with:
Free T3
Free T4
TPO Antabodies
I order to mange my tbyroid. Do both Free T3&4 need to be st 60% of the range & TPO antibodies need to be as close to 1 as possible?  Sorry if I have repeated myself I am trying to get this all down.

Thanks, Paula
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Thanks for the questions. I just got from speaking at Gena Lee Nolin's Thyroid Awareness seminar, and your questions sound a lot like the ones I got when I was in Scottsdale.

You DO NOT need to get the Thyroid Antibodies to zero. Yes, adding selenium does decrease their numbers, but the main thing is getting your symptoms under control, AND QUICKLY. I agree with brittle patients, ones that easily get side effects to changes in medication, one has to "start low, go slow", but why do so many doctors "take a year and a day" to get their patients feeling better?  In my practice, following an old textbook from the American Medical Association's drug evaluation committee, I change my patients' thyroid dosing every two weeks (if they can tolerate it), so they can better sooner.

I agree that patients have to "be patient", but at some point in time, you might switch doctors, just as you alluded to in your post above.
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Any Thoughts?
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Ok I have all my numbers & hoping someone will take a look at this with me and give me some advise:

Reverse T3=8.2
Range 9.0-27.0

Thyroid Peroxidase= 53.5
Range 0.0-9.0

T3 Free=4.3
Range 2.8-5.3

T4 Free=.085
Range 0.78-2.19

Range 97.0-169.0

Range 0.465-4.680

Testosterone Female Total & Free=13.5
Range 0.6-3.8/I have a pellet in not sure what dosage of pellet

Sex Hormone Binding=33
Range 30-135

Range 9-55

Mid Cycle Phase 95-433

Range ?

Estrone=Not sure how to read

Mid Cycle Peak 5.1-23.4

Range 26-200

Range 3.6-5.1

Mthfr A1298C/Heterozygous
C665T not back yet
A1286C not back yet

TSH Receptor Antibody=<0.90
Range 20.0
Range <2.8

Methylmalonic Acid, Serum=0.11
Range 0.00-0.40

Vitamin B12=943 Taking sublingual tablets

PTH intact=44.4
Range 7.5-53.5

Vitamin A Retinol= 0.58
Retinol Palmit=<0.02
Range 0.00-0.10

Vitamin D25 Hydroxy=60.6
Range ?

That is about it.  I still feel like crap & I am gluten free, no dairy & no fruit.
The Doctor told me that I have no problem with my thyroid numbers & I need to see a supplement specialist because he is not versed in gene mutations.  He did put me on Homocysetine Supreme & 5 MTHF.

I also take cod liver oil, Vit E, Mag. Gly, Zinc, Selenium, Vit D & Bataine HCI Pepsin.

My prescription meds are Synthroid 100mg just increased to 125 I asked for 112 cause I thought that would be a big jump? Cytomel 5mg 2 a day
Zenpep, Lisinipril 5mg, Lyrica 50mg 3 a day & Tramadol 50mg 3 a day

Thanks, Paula
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Hello!  Is anyone on here? Was wondering what ya think about my new numbers?  Just anxious lol again!
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I finally got the reverse T3 reference range 9.0-27.0 /12.8
I am positive for the A1298c Heterozygous.
The only hormone test result back is the estradiol that says 98 with no ref range.
Still waiting on other hormone test ordered.

Thanks for any information you can give. I am wondering about adding the NDT.
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I will have my blood drawn today for the MTHFR!

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Free T3            2.8-5.3          4.3
Free T4.           78-2.19.         84
T3.                   97.0-1.69.     154
TSH.               0.465-468.0.   0.971
FSH.                  2.0-11.6.       8.4
I also have some hormone testing coming back & MTHFR.

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Barb is correct. We do have private practices. I much prefer to see patients in person, but I have patients from all around the world, and many of them do telephone, VOIP, Skype consultations. As long as I don't prescribe controlled substances (e.g., narcotics), the Florida Board of Medicine allows doctors to practice telemedicine.
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The doctors who participate on the expert forums have private practices and volunteer their time, here.  You should contact Dr Woliner, directly, if you're interested in becoming one of his private patients.  His contact information is on the home page of this forum.
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Oh & and thank you for answering my question. Is there any way of becoming a patient on line?  Have one in person visit then being treated by Skype or FT by one of MedHelp drs????
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One that I got his information fromThyroid Sexy.
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Well I wish I could find a Dr in my area that will work with me on this. They all just want  to treat Thyroid as it has always been treated. So upsetting. I did make an appointment with one that
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