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Cervix Scarred Shut

My doctor tried to do a hysteroscopy and D&C on me (in hospital, general anesthesia) and said cervix is completely scarred shut.  3 weeks until my follow up.  We still don't know what is the "area of concern" in my uterus.  She mentioned we'll talk hysterectomy next.  I'm 46. Do I have options?
Trans vag US showed this area, unsuccessful Saline Ultrasound - the wall is up apparently.  I do not want to play roulette. If doc thinks it is cancer, I want it out.  Short of the hysterectomy, any options? .
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There is a lot of missing information therefore I will not be able to give you a definitive answer. Most often with cervical stenosis in the reproductive age patient she develops some pelvic pain secondary to an obstructed outflow tract. Ultrasound is subsequently performed and an abnormality is noted with the uterine cavity warranting biopsy aka EMB or D&C to rule out cancer. Your cavity has not been successfully evaluated and your Gynecologist is now recommended hysterectomy which would allow reassurance and likely resolve your symptoms. Uterine Artery embolization would not resolve the concern of a possible underlying cancer. I suggest that you consider cytotec which is used for cervical ripening and try ultrasound guided EMB if you are resistant to hysterectomy.

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I had a Uterine Arterial Embolization rather than hysterectomy.  It will basically cut off the blood to the fibroid tumor.  Not sure what your symptoms/issues are?
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Hi Heather1Feather,

Thanks for the reply, I don't think that will work as the fibroid isn't the issue, its an abnormal area in the wall of the uterus - it could be more scarring or it could be cancer, right now its an abnormal unknown that we just can't get to...How do they do an embolization - through the cervix? or abdominally - lap?
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