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problems after a hysterectomy

I had major problems after surgery and they continue till this day. What can be done to fix this?
Uterus removed 2007
Overies removed 2010
After overies where removed I noticed I had been sown up lopsided. Then a week after I had been developing MERSA...since then I've had a rash, numbness and terrible pain in my stomach, back, hips and butt. Two years still suffering.  I get nerve block injections and on pain meds and sell as went to physical therapy.
One doc said I needed tummy tuck to fix the horrible scar and lopsidedness.  How does that happen when you can't afford it?  And what about the rest of the stuff?  
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Hello crissy6,

Once MRSA infection has been correctly diagnosed it is normally treatable and eradicated. I don't know that more surgery is the answer? The body is dynamic and all ways changing, sometimes for the better and even more frequently for the worst as we get older. I recommend that you follow up with your gynecologist and primary care doctor to address your concerns.

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