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Anxiety and hysterectomy

I have GAD and panic disorder and am getting ready to have a vaginal hysterectomy. My obgyn suggested taking my uterus,cervix and left tube and ovary. At first I thought I wanted him to take the right side as well but I'm just not sure. I am scared with having the anxiety problem anyway that it will throw me way out of wack. If I leave the right ovary will it help regulate my hormones or will I still need HRT.

Someone on the anxiety forum posted awhile back about people with panic attacks feeling alot better after having a total hysterectomy and their panic attacks stop. Does anyone have any experience with panic disorder and having a hysterectomy?
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Is there anything wrong with your right ovary? If not then maybe you should keep it.
With getting an almost complete hysterectomy you still may need hormone therapy. It's a personal choice. Some women do just fine with out it and others do not.
If you do decide to take hormones in my opinion I would research bio identical hormones.
Yes, I have anxiety and I've had a complete hysterectomy. My anxiety did not go away after my surgery. That's not to say yours won't go away or get better, we're all different. Take care. Remar
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No. Nothing is wrong with my right ovary and I have decided to keep it.I just hope I do ok. I have been so afraid that the anxiety will be worse after the surgery because of the hormone changes. Thanks for  your opinion.
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I'm glad to hear you've decided to keep your ovary. Please do check out bio identical hormones as an option. We're always here to listen and help if we can. Keep us up to date on how your doing and take care. Remar
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Anyone else have similar experiences or suggestions??? I am having my hysterectomy on Jan. 4.
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Have you actually posted your question on the anxiety forum? I'm sure there are women there that have had the surgery and also have anxiety. Take care. Remar
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Yeah I posted awhile ago and didn't get any responses. I am just getting really nervous as it's only 6 days away and was hoping to hear from others with the same issues. Thanks
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