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Bleeding after intercourse

Hi everyone..

Can anyone relate to this? I'm 34, I had a almost complete hysterectomy (1 ovary left) last June. Surgery went well and recovery was good too. Now for the past several months I have some discomfort to my left lower pelvic area and I bleed after intercourse, then spot for a few days. I don't have my cervix anymore so I'm really not sure what could be causing this. I heard of adhesions, but not sure if they cause me to bleed??

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Hi Shawnie, I would advise you to get to your gun and make sure your surgical cuff healed correctly a common cause of pain and bleeding after sex,,,if that is fine the I would recommend you check out your hormone levels your remaining ovary may not be producing enough hormnones for you and this can cause the vaginal walls to thin and become easy to bleed during sex...dont worry too much because there is a vast variety of bio-identical hormones that can and will help you,,,getting the right combo for your personal anatomy is key..best wishes ,Cherie

and about addhesions they usually cause pain and discommfort, sometimes rather severe,,I am just guessing but I dont think thats the cause of your problems currently...you may develop them may women do.
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I bled for 6 months after my TVH (total vag. hysterectomy) everytime Dh and I had sex.  Turns out I had ALOT of granulation tissue. I had to have silver nitrate treatments several times and the finally used some super numbing spray (I think they called it Hurricane spray) and clipped away a big piece of granulation tissue.  That definately helped. Funny thing is, the last time I bled after sex I bled alot. But I haven't bled since and that was 1.5 yrs ago. After my hysterectomy, I read that having a vaginal hyster. comes w/ the possibility of granulation tissue. If I would have known that I would have considered an abdominal, LOL  Definately contact your doc, I would guess that is what is happening ! Good luck
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what is granulation tissue
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Breely~ Granulation tissue (from what I understand) is basically like raw edges of the incision/suture line that don't heal properly.  When irriated (like through sex along the vaginal cuff) they can bleed
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I had a hysterectomy June 24, 2013. My doctor just took out my uterus thru tiny incisions thru my belly. its been almost a yr and I have pain during sex and I bleed, but its only lite red, not like having a period. My belly hurts and the only way to describe the pain is almost like having labor pains. please any advise would be greatly appreciated! i'm going to my dr next week, but wanted yalls opinions! thanks and God Bless!  much love friends!
I am having the Same problems let me know what they say please
Crissy - Do you have endometriosis? Or was your cervix left in? Those are two situations that can cause you to bleed after hysterectomy. Also, if your ovaries were removed or failed after hysterectomy, the resulting atrophy of vaginal tissues can cause you to bleed.
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