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Continued pain after laparoscopic unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy

I am 47 years old and have two children.  My previous gynae ops include a failed sterilization which resulted in an ectopic pregnancy 6 months later and a hydrothermal ablation.  I have also had clamydia.

10 weeks ago I had a laparoscopy to remove my left ovary along with 2 benign (thank goodness) cysts and the fallopian tube which had contained the ectopic pregnancy.  

3 weeks after the op I was in so much pain my doctor put me on antibiotics as he thought I may have an infection.  A week on the pain had improved and I had a whole pain free day.  However, since then I have pain every day which seems to be deep within my pelvic area.  I get back pain, hip pain, all sorts, and my bowel habits have not been the same since my op.  At my 6 week appointment my consultant said that all had gone well and that he had checked and that my right ovary was ok.  He thought pain could be scar tissue as everyone heals at different rate, but thought that I was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome not helped by my anxiety.  

I do not think that IBS is the case and neither does my GP.  The pain has continued with no paraticular pattern, there just seems to be a bruised sore ache within my pelvic area and around my back sometimes and I am very anxious. Also, and this is bizarre, I get this tingling numb feeling in my vulva which comes and goes!

Anyway, since discovering this wonderful site I have discoverd 'ADHESIONS', which I knew nothing about and no-one had mentioned these to me.

I understand lap procedure minimizes risks of adhesions, but having had previous ops I understand the risk of adhesions is greater.  I also understand more surgery could make things worse as it is surgery that causes them!  

Could this be adhesions? Is there anyone out there suffering the same symptoms, particularly this weird tingling in vulva area?  Please advise as I'm really anxious.

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Hi there,

I have two different ideas..first your condition of pain could be from addhesions..Addhessions are strand like tissue that is attached from one point in the anatomy to another, caused from surgerys. For example it would be like a rubber band one side attached to your spinal column and the other end attached to tissue( fat, muscle) in the area where your ovary or tube used to be) when you bend move or stretch a certain way this addhesion is tensed it can only move so far, thus the pain. Addhesions are able to be removed.

Another thought is something neurologicaly went wrong during surgery. No surgeon is  likely to admit this or they simply may not know of the error. If nerves are knicked, or cut through things like tingling sensations and or pain happen.

Before seeing your gyn again I would advise you to see a Neurosurgeon..top of the line in neurology..there are tests that can be done to see if you have nerve damage in any area of the body..I just think you should rule out or confirm this before going back to gyn.

If its not nerve damage,,why not get a second opinion from a different obgyn?

good luck let me know how your doing

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i also had a oophorectomy 6 months ago and am in constant pain in my right side where my ovary pain orginally was, am worried sick that its something bad, noone seems to be taking me seriously so worried help someone
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hi I understand your concerns and they are valid ones !!  If they are just fluffing you off and giving pain pills thats not the solution...painmes help but also mask posssible clues to diagnosis.

the right side pain...is it exactly where ovary was...or a bit higher..(kidney) ..a bit lower ( appendix)

you for sure should not be in constant pain...some thoughts..a cyst, scar tissue, endometrial tissue,

You need to be persistant ,,be firm tell them you want some diagnostic tests..see what they suggest...least invasive is vaginal ultra sound....a diagnostic lap is very good will tell problem..but invasive,,must be put to sleep.....dont let this go...

I would assume that the ovary and surrounding tissue was biopsied so this doesnt sound cancerous...ask for a CA125 test to be certain...

I got a hunch it is a cyst.

let me know what happens

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I had my ovary removed six weeks ago and have been in pain ever since.  My ovary was removed because of a cyst.  I have had two ultrasounds that have not shown anythin - no blood clot, no cyst, no remnants of the ovary, but I still have pain.  The docs keep wanting to throw narcotics at me to address the pain, which I do not want to take.  I am thinking, she clipped a nerve.  I recently heard from the doctor.saying that it is "no longer a gynocological issue" and that I need to consult with my PC. This makes no sense to me since the pain is in the same spot as where my pain was previously.  It seems like I am not the only one with this issue.  I noticed that some of the posts were in March - what has occured since then.... any insight or help would be helpful.  
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I had my right ovary removed in January.  They could not do it laproscopically because i had so many 'adhesions' from previous hysterectomy, so they did full abdo surgery causing more adhesions i guess!?
it is now 8 months post surgery and I am still in pain!! I too have had follow up appointments with the surgeon who says everything is good.  I get all the things you have said, back and side pain, hip pain and it feels like it is really deep and aching.  My bowel habits are all over the place too ( i have also had IBS as a possible diagnosis)  ARRRGH!! its so frustrating when you have had issues for so long and then you think that you are going to feel much better finally..and then you don't....bummer!  He did tell me though, that adhesions from surgery can be very very painful.
Oh to be a man!! haha, guess we have to laugh...or we would just cry!
Hope you are feeling much better now.
Peace and Love...Kim
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I had my (rt)ovary and tube removed last april, because the Dr. said that they were twisting together and were just dead skin. Since the surgery I've experienced hot flashes,my bowel movement have took a drastic  changed, I have mood swings (OFTEN)I was told that I could still have a baby but would have to do IVF because of the other tube being blocked. I just want to know should I have been put on something for the mood swings and are these changes I'm experiencing normal?
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I was diagnosed in 2003 with Endometriosis and had it all removed, it did not stop the pain and i had injections in my stomach and pill after pill and still nothing and was told i would be cured if i had a hysterectomy.  I had a vaginal hysterectomy 6 years ago and went i got told to get up and about i could not stand up straight and was told it was just from the surgery.  Three months later i collapsed and they found my tubes had been pulled down during the op but no one noticed so i had to be cut open to have these removed.  I was still not pain free so in 2006 I had my ovaries removed and i was pain free for about 6 months.  Since then I have been referred to the pain clinic and had injections in my spine and more pills, I am also on duloxitine as I am depressed as i have no life, no sex life and i cant find an employer that symphatises with being good one day and then not able to walk for several days.  Over the last 6 weeks the pain has increased so much so that ibuprofen and co codamol at the top dose no longer touch it.  This week the pain go so severe that my doctor sent me to hospital my only problem is that because i have no lady parts left gyny do not want to deal with me anymore so i was pu on aau, they assessed me and x rayed me and said they found nothing and sent me home with oral morphone and more pills.  I really need help and what to do i can no longer live with the pain.  please help me
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its very possible for all of you that your pain is no longer caused from the gyn issues, Id strongly urge you all to see a neurologist as well as a gasternologist,,,the problems could be gastro as the bowels are right there same area and are prone to being effected by addhesions/scar tissues and endometrial tissue...also if any nerves where damaged a neurosurgeon could dettect this. I know its hard but just keep being really insistant...the pain pills help but who wants to live life taking them all the time, they have lots of side effects are addicting and are very constipating....ask Dr but its advisable to use a gentle stool softner while on these.x rays and ultrasounds are ok tests but not the best,,,a MRI or CAT scan will tell much much more
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I had my left ovary and Fallopian tube removed about 15 years ago,  Whenever I do too much, like today a field trip to the beach I usually end up in a lot of pain in that left side area.  I also get it when I am ovulating.  I don't think its abnormal anymore, I've gone to the doctor, had ultra sounds and they have never found anything.  I usually get tested for Ovarian cancer and I keep up with my appointments.   Unfortunately, it's something that just happens every now and then.
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Hi, I had a similar issue in that I had the same pain which I attributed to mittelschmerz (ovulation) pain on the right side where my entire right ovary and dermoid were removed. I googled and found this thread. While reading a comment here that mentioned "adhesions" and recognizing this word because i'd graduated from massage school and been a massage therapist for a short time, I began deep massages to my right abdomen to break up the adhesions (scar tissue) and voila! The pain is gone. Maybe try that first? I basically rubbed along my abdomen in long back and forth strokes pretty deep. Hope you get things worked out and these issues get resolved
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