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Groin and leg pain

I am at my wits end...I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy in 2004.  My surgery was not without complications in that the doctor nicked my bladder and spent so much time trying to repair it that my hgb went down to 7.  I left the hospital with a catheter and a 7 hgb.  I had to keep the catheter for about 9 days.  My left groin began to hurt within days of my surgery and I mentioned it to the doctor.  I was told that it was probably just the way I was laying during the operation.  At my 6 week post op I was still hurting and they did an ultrasound and found nothing.  Again I was told that it would probably go away.  Well, it is six years later and I still have pain in my groin that radiates down my left leg.  It feels like a rubber band is wrapped tightly around my leg right where your underwear is.  I constantly pull at my underwear if I have it on but it doesn't matter if it's on or not.........the pain is still there.  It even wakes me up at night hurting.  I have changed doctors but the new doctor suggested maybe it was that my bladder had fallen and ask if I would like to try a pessary.  I really don't think that is the problem unless my bladder fell right after my surgery because I have been hurting ever since.  I think something was damaged during the surgery and it is causing the pain.  I'm so tired of hurting..........has anyone else had this happen and did you find any relief?  Thanks
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Oh my did your dr even examine your groin leg area?I mean instead of assuming its the bladder, do you have a bit of dripping or leaking ? do you hav difficulty holding bladder?

I just hope its not something vascular that they are missing, feel you leg thigh groinn area really really well use two fingers and do it as you would a breast exam, if you feel any hard lumps, they maybe "moveable" or not report this to dr asap, may be something that needs investingated.

If not you could consider a neurologist, to see if any nerves were damages and what treatments you may be offered, I may be way off track, but your symptoms resemble sciatia, cept not quite the right place. But this is planting the idea in my head that its something other than bladder. Do please investinge before getting a bladder sling.

All the bst, and Im so sorry you have been through so much, I do relate.

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Thanks for your response.  In answer to your question, no the doctor did not really check the groin.  I mean he glanced in the general area if you call that checking.  I left the office it tears.  I don't really know what to do at this point.  I do have a place more toward the top of the groin area.......like right under a bikini line that has a lump.  It is not hard but almost like it is swelled.  I had an ultrasound on it ......and they saw nothing...only said it might be muscle related.  I did leave my ovaries when I had my hysterectomy and so I thought that it might be the left ovary but I've had an ultrasound on it too....twice!  The last time they couldn't even see the ovary but the girl that did it said that was good because it meant that it had dried up??  Anyway, I'm really not a whiner but now 5 years out and I'm still having pain. I guess yesterday was just a bad day especially with not feeling like someone was taking the pain aspect of me seriously and just assuming it was my bladder.  Thanks for the quick response....I will keep looking.
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its very common to not find the ovaries on an ultrasound, to say they dried up is the silliest thing I have heard in a while ovaries do not dry up cysts might,

Id really like for you to be persistant and not give up . Pain is a symptom, not a inconvience you should be forced to live with pain means something is wrong. i find it very true that patients have to advocate hard for their ownselfs. Be pushy be insistant . Its a job to them. Its your LIFE. Next time your pain acts up consider going to er...dont feed them too much info, let them do tests on you and hopefully come to a diagnosis. Also consider seeing a urologist to rule out for sure that it is not a bladder problem.Always go to the top dog , see the specialists not general practioners when you have unresolved issues like this.
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also did not mean you when i said the silly comment meant ultrasound tech they ae not supposed to tel the patient anything. I also had another thought about your soft lump. Maybe you should insist that doctor do a fine needle biopsy. Do not think this means I think its cancer, a fine needle aspiration would tell exactly what the lump was. It sounds like a cyst, and a fnb would diagnose that,
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I had a hysterectomy in feb 2008 and i am 35 yrs old.  since my surgery i have had extreme abdominal pain, back pain, leg pain,insomnia and grion pain.  My doctor really can't find anything wrong with me.  He now says its neuropathic pain syndrome but I'm really not sure what to believe any more. what can i do?  Please help.....emily
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I have had excrutiating pain, left groin -  like sharp as well as very stiff / painful muscles for about 4 months now.  It spread to my right side and the pain is both my groins, front of legs and I walk like a teater totter from side to side to try and control the pain.  I have had many xrays, bone density etc on my hips, but nothing is wrong.  It just doesn't seem to go away.  Bending is stabbing pain or picking up my leg to get in a car or out of a chair.  Any time I have to use those particular muscles.  I try to manually lift my left leg as itis the worst,  but the shooting pains just keep on coming.  Pain killers do not help and tylenol with codeine prescription with no caffiene actually made it worse.  (I discovered that after I quit taking them.)  Standing up from a seated position is another feat in itself.  It is easier to leave left leg straight while sitting if possible.  I am female.  If anyone has resolved their groin/leg issues I would sure appreciate any ideas at this point.  I could really live without it!
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