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HRT vs. BCP after total hysterectomy?

I am 5 years post total hysterectomy - abdominal due to adhesions/cysts/endo, etc.  You name it, I had it.  My left ovary was enlarged to size of grapefruit, wrapped around my ureter and the artery nearby, then that was all plastered to my left pelvic side wall.  I opted for total hys due to endo, etc.  I have 1 happy, healthy boy - he's almost 10!  Anyway, the Dr. told me the day after surgery that he had to "chisel" out all the tissue he could but I would have to have surgery again due to tissue growth - this time it would have to be with a GYN Oncologist.  Sure enough, 10 months later I did due to my ovary (well, ovarian tissue anyway) regrowing adjacent to artery.  Apparently any blood supply will feed this type of tissue.  Then, I was assured it was all gotten.  Nope, you guessed it, 8 months later, back under the knife.  I tried Depo-Lupron in between to kill this obnoxious tissue, to no avail.  When it grows where it's not supposed to, it hurts, just like the original grapefruit I had.  Third time was the charm but I was left with nerve damage at this point and for those with nerve pain - think shingles or diabetic neuropathy in your lower left pelvis vs. your extremities!  I take Lyrica, which helps some.  Ultram ER, which does nothing and Vicodin as needed - but feel like a drug addict when getting refills at Dr.  Pain Mgmt. Dr. tried a stim implant and it didn't help - due to the location - he said it was the hardest to treat - imagine my joy!  Not!
Anyway - to my question - I now have adult acne, with the intense dry skin of a menopausal woman.  My Derm wants to put my on the BCP, Yaz, to combat this development.  I've been taking estradiol for hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia, but I'm not sure how Yaz will affect me.  Given all my problems and surgeries for the aggressive ovarian tissue, I am afraid and don't know where to turn.  Can someone please give me some suggestions?
I live in a small town and don't have easy access to Dr. to specialize in this area.  I'd appreciate any input, just so I don't feel so alone.  That's the other thing that's cropped up, depression, I feel so despondent at times.  I'm only 40 and can't fathom facing 20 or more years in this shape.  I need/want to find answers/solutions.
Thanks for listening!
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two things popped right out and grabbed my attention achne from"menopause' and depression from "menopause" this causes me to conclude that your estridol is either nit the correct dose or not the right hrt for you...its not taking away your symptoms and the achne is a new one..my gut tells me you should have your hormone treatment adjusted try something new,,,,theres so many options..you can always try the Yaz as a last resort..but try getting the hrt right first..mine took 2 adjustments  its not easy for the docs to get it just right,,and Im happy have very mild depression thats related to my thyroid..I am glad to of had my hysterectomy cause it rid me of unbearable pain...any chane your depressed because of no more children if its something along those lines you may need a little cognative therapy and nothing wrong with that ..best wishes to you
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Have you been tested for PCOS? It is an endocrine disorder where the body makes too much testosterone. Having had a hysterectomy doesn't cure it. I do agree with Cherie that you need to have your hormone levels checked. Sometimes estrogen out of balance with the testosterone can cause cystic acne. Maybe an increase in estrogen preferably estradiol.

I am so sorry you have had such a hard time. I hope things get better soon.

Take Care,

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