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Had a partial hysterectomy and can't lose weight :(

Hi. I need input badly please. I am 40 yrs old and had a laparoscopic hysterectomy done in April 2014. I had a right ovary removal, cervix removal and replaced with a cuff and extra scar tissue removed from my past csections. I still have my left ovary that sometimes produces cysts still. Since my surgery I have put on at least 20 lbs. I am taking hard core kick boxing and eating way better than I was and can't seem to lose anything, I just keep gaining. :( its so depressing. My mid section and breasts are growing fast. I talked to my gyno and he said having surgery has nothing to do with it and maybe in the future wants to put me on chemical weight loss pills which I refuse. I've had my thyroid tested in the past and its fine. I personally think having this surgery and your hormones being messed up would interfere with any weight loss but not sure. Does anyone have this issue or answers. Thank u bunches. Tiffany.
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Has he tested your hormone levels since you only have 1 ovary left? I mean maybe it no longer works and you need to be on HRT .

I had a full hysterectomy and immediately was put on the patch and I have not gained ANY weight and I eat normal. I mean I do eat a lot of protein; tuna, grilled chicken, but it is because I love them..

I don't eat carbs or sweets (maybe once a week if at all). I don't eat bread, I can't digest it right, and I am lactose intolerant....I don't eat fruits/veggies much (maybe once a week). I just crave grilled chicken or tuna...Even if  go to ANY restaurant I always order the grilled chicken....I am not much on side dishes either...

See if you last ovary is still functioning...
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Weight gain is a common complaint after hysterectomy. I don't know how much is loss of ovarian hormones (even when ovaries are kept) versus some other metabolic effects (there is about a 40% chance of ovarian failure post-hysterectomy). I was never one to gain weight - could eat everything and as much as I wanted without gaining a pound. Since my hysterectomy, my hunger "mechanism" does not work properly. I rarely feel hungry and do not have a sense of fullness either. But I no longer have an appetite so I eat much less. I have therefore been able to maintain my normal weight. A lot of foods just don't taste as good either except sweets.  
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He hasn't checked my hormone level. I might call them to see if they can. I talked to my cousin who is a PA for a gyno's office and she said it's a huge complaint and even people on hormone replacement are still complaining of weight gain. I hope I find an answer soon. Ive gained 20 lbs in 4 months. it's scaring me :(
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I can feel myself ovulating out of my left ovary. I can also feel cysts issues in that one :( I hope this one isn't doing the same as the one I had removed. Its def frustrating.
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