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Having a hysterectomy in less than 2 weeks

I am a hysterectomy in less than 2 weeks I'm a bit nervous they said I can't cook cleaner Drive a while you're taking a cervix uterous tubes out I'm going to try to keep one or both ovaries my question to you ladies hats had one before how was your recovery time and your pain and is there anything that I need to know or to take to the hospital with
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I am curious about the reason you are having a hysterectomy. Most women are totally unaware of all the permanent negative effects. Many end up wishing they had chosen other options or lived with the issues if they weren't debilitating.

I sure wish I had done things very differently. Everything about me changed after having a hysterectomy 13 years ago.
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Can you tell me what all changed and also my endo I've done everything I've even had it Endo surgery prior and  on the shot and tried everything else all of my organs are also bind it together by Scar Tissue I cramp every single day on top of sharp pains I am having laparoscopic
I am sorry to hear you have endo! I know it can be a really tough disease. You probably already know that hysterectomy (with or without ovary removal / castration) is not a cure. Even if you keep one or both ovaries they may stop working causing all the same symptoms and increased health risks as their removal. My ovaries were removed.

Gosh, where do I start as far as "what all changed." Basically, everything about me - my physical appearance, my emotional state, my memory and cognitive / reasoning abilities, my ability to feel and give love and affection, my sex life, my figure. I was 49 when my organs were needlessly removed.

I was totally shocked to see myself age dramatically (10-15 years) in just 4 months. I lost well over half my hair and the front section turned gray. I lost SO much skin collagen that my skin sagged and wrinkled especially in the jowl area and around my mouth but also on my arms and legs. I never dreamed a person could age "overnight" like that.

I couldn't remember what I said or did 15 minutes ago much less a day or week ago. I couldn't concentrate or even think straight. I feared losing my job. Thankfully, my boss always liked me so I was able to hang on. I became severely depressed to the point of being suicidal... did not have a history of depression. My husband and I had a great relationship but I lost my loving feelings for him as well as the strong maternal feelings for my children.

The hysterectomy figure has been just as devastating. The whole midsection collapses once they cut those ligaments to remove the uterus because those are the support structures for the pelvis. That is why hysterectomized women have shortened, thickened midsections, protruding bellies and no curve in their lower backs. These changes typically lead to back, hip and leg problems and loss of mobility as time goes on.

I did have bowel problems after surgery which may have played a small part in the rapid aging but I know of other women who did not have bowel problems and aged just as fast.

It has been 13 years since my surgery and I still look older than most of my peers.

Hysterectomy and ovary removal (oophorectomy) are grossly overused so it is oftentimes worthless to seek out other opinions. Hormonesmatter has quite a few articles and readers' comments about hysterectomy (use the search function to find them). The HERS Foundation has a lot of information about the after effects of hysterectomy.

I wish you the best in getting help that restores your health instead of causing a whole new set of problems.
Today is been 3 weeks since my hysterectomy Wednesday I have to go in to see them because they think I have BV now I just hope my cuff is okay is it normal to get BV after hysterectomy
Vaginal and urinary tract infections seem to be fairly common after hysterectomy. I hope they can figure out what it is and fix it.
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