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Help After Surgical Hysterertomy

My wife at the age of 44 had a full surgical Hysterectomy and she has never been the same she takes HRT every night by placing a tablet in her mouth but she has massive mood swings Zero sex and the usual thing where she really doesn't care much. Ie: a kiss good bye is just the touch of the lips that's it no commitment at all.

She is a wonderful person that I really want back and I am sure her HRT is wrong but who and where do I go to get the answers can anyone help.

I am ok to send her anywhere I just need to know who and how can this be fixed as we had a great life and I want it back

Thanks if you can help  
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How long ago was her surgery? It can take a little while for the body to balance out...I had this done at 37 and I was either a sucidal maniac or crazy *****...my husband and I were on the brink of divorce...it was a hard couple of years while I tried to balance my hormones...
If she is not using bio-identical hrt I would start there...because conjugated are made of horse urine and the body has a hard time using them where the bio-identical are made in a lab but are an exact replica of what our body made...so it just makes sense...she might ask a compounding pharmacist who might be a good dr. to see...I saw a few dr's before finding one who took the time to help me...usually the dr. who does the surgery is not going to be the dr. to help balance the hrt...
It sounds like her estrogen is depleted and this causes us to be OH SO DIFFERENT! So I would suggest she find a dr. who specializes in bio-identical hrt and goes from there...it will take some time so please be patient! Also in regards to the sex...or lack there of...they have severed nerves and blood supply so it takes time for that to heal...I had absolutely no sex drive or want of it for a very long time...but it did come back...but it is forever changed...so help her in finding the help she needs, forgive her quickly for being so "changed" because she is! Keep gently encouraging her to find a dr. to make her feel better but make sure it's not when she is in a rage...just try to leave her be in this time...go for the guiding more when she's depressed then when she's angry...;)  It will calm down I promise you that...and when her hormones are at a more balanced place she will feel more inclined to be a bit more sexual...unfortunately the dr. say it won't change that  but it does...we have been castrated...so our sex hormones are gone...so they have to be replaced...good luck and please feel free to pm me or chat here...I will do my best to help you and your wife! Hang in there!
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