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Hysterectomy/Rectocele/Entrocele Repair

I had a repair for a rectocele and an entrocele and at the same time a hysterectomy. The hyst was done vaginally, the repairs were done laprascopically through 5 incisions. I am still having heavy discharge vaginally. I still have incontinence at times, and at others I am constipated. I am afraid the op has not been totally successful although the doctor says it will settle down. Has anyone had the same experience????? Help please
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From one of your other posts, it appears that your surgery was about 6 weeks ago. I don't think you should be having heavy discharge at this point. Have you been checked for an infection?

As far as the incontinence and constipation, that can happen after hysterectomy and probably more so when repairs are done. Not only do the bladder and bowel get "cranky" after being handled, the uterus is no longer there as an "anchor" for these organs.
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You didn't say how long it's been.  People find that an herb called turmeric helps with healing after surgery.  It needs to be taken with fresh ground black pepper and something fatty to absorb.  Take it twice a day.  Look up golden paste.  
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