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In a desperate need of referral to Gynecological surgeon (Los Angeles)

I have a large fibroid which needs to be removed. I have fear of surgery, just the word gets me into panic. I am losing my mind trying to find gynecological surgeon that I can trust.
Ladies who undergone hysterectomy or similar procedure, and happy with your surgeon, please help me with referrals! I would prefer Cedars Sinai, but any feedback or suggestions will be appreciated!
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Every patient case is different and dependent on the size, number, location, and morphology of the fibroids. Sometimes hysterecomies or myomectomies are indicated, while other times they are optional, as the side effects and potential complications may not be worth it. You should have a discussion with your doctor regarding the benefits, risks, and alternatives. Most hysterectomies are nonemergent, so you have time to think about what you want to do.
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Thanks, this is a problem that I didn't find doctor yet that I fully trust, this is why I am looking for referral.
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Avoid hysterectomy by any surgeon. It destroys the body and health in so many ways even if your ovaries are not removed. Myomectomy would be the route to go if you cannot wait it out until menopause when fibroids shrink. The HERS Foundation may have some tips for finding a surgeon or may know of one. Best of luck to you!
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