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Intestinal Adhesions?

Hello all,
I am post-partial hysterectomy (March 2007) due to severe endometriosis, and Stage II cervical. I agreed to this after years of uncontrolled bleeding, unthinkable pain, several laproscopic procedures and lots of "try this" medication. I have not regular BM's since the surgery and in recent months this has gotten much worse. My PCP, ordered an x-ray at my last visit, diagnosed me as "completely" full and told me to buy Miralax. This hasn't help, nor the conventional pills, as well as Mag Citrate. The OB/GYN who performed my surgery said that I was covered in adhesions and he was sure that more would develop thus creating more problems. My question is--Have any of you had this problem? If so, what has worked, other than more surgery?
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the problem w scar tissue and addhesion surgery is every time you are operated on it creates more.My dr explained to me the goal is to reduce like get it into the 70% free from stage its kinda not possible to get rid of all when multiple surgeries have been performed.

I have many ladies w major constipation problems, narcotic pain meda are really a bad thing for this. I know many must take them as gyno issues are very painful drinking 2 big glasses of h20 w every pill helps, I personally like Colace its a stool softner, works pretty good, not for long tern use just till you get your body regulated.

I was impacted once horrid experience  a nurse told me to buy kellogs crackling oat bran cereal, the pieces are big circles and tase like cinnamon not to bad I ate them from box as you would chips. Also avoid red meat and cheese, If you can handle them I think they are actually good dried prunes help too.Prune juice is helpful but most really hate the taste.

For the first bm you may have to use an enema , Mag citrate did not work for me either when I was impacted, If an enema does not help you are going to have to go to er or an urgent care and they will likely digitally help you out, it works not pleasant but being impacted is very serious.
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me too try colon max it works great one every evening before bed or two for a severe case then if loose stool cut back to one at night, google it and you can order it, it is safe and works wonders.
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