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Is dizziness light headed and nauseous normal after partial hysterectomy?

Since getting home a week and a day ago from my robotic assisted hysterectomy leaving my ovaries. I feel tingling all over waves of nausea and hot flashes. I feel unable to concentrate on anything. I dont know what is happening with me. If i take my Centrum silver for womens multivitamin i get this sensation within 20min lasting at least 4hrs. I have felt like this all day today.
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It sounds like your ovaries are struggling which happens quite a bit after hysterectomy.
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I am develoed vertigo and anxiety attacks. Right now lots of pressure in pelvis spasms and now. Ive been passing more gas. I have only done #2 a few times since surgery. I am wondering if its normal 16days post opp or my ibs or something that might need to be looked at.

Oh the difficulty urinating is gone now is like flash flood alert.
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If can take awhile for the bowel to "normalize." And it's fairly common for bowel habits to change permanently because of the anatomical changes.
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Is it normal to feel like everything dropped twice now resting on hips? I am praying that it can go up even just a little to prevent hip pain from returning. I also am lucky  to have osteoarthritis in my hips and my right hip needs to be replaced even more so after i broke it 2 yrs ago. Can keegels get it to lift or is it something that I may always have and to be greatful for the 2 weeks i had?
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I really hope it doesn't get any lower. I may have prolapse then.
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I'm sorry to hear you have osteoarthritis in your hip. Nice to your hysterectomy done for prolapse? And you are concerned that you still have prolapse or prolapsed again? Kegels may help.
I haven't prolapse yet my hysterectomy was done because I was diagnosed with adenomyosis and endometriosis following a c-section and tubal ligation done over 7yrs ago now. I have a leak inside of my abdomin happened after hysterectomy leaving my ovaries it's not the Drs fault. I am getting information to have my doctors look into this as a team so I am good when healed. Due to the swelling in my abdomin it feels like my left over parts are going to come out at times i have to lift abdomin to stop spasms in vagina.

The Drs are my obgyn gastroenterologist and urologist I think I will include pcp and pulmonologist as well to cover everything
What type of leak inside your abdomen? It seems it would have had to happen during surgery.
How are you doing?
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