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Is it normal to have severe lower back pains after hysterectomy

I had a total abdominal hysterectomy about 8 weeks ago. I still feel pain in my lower abdomen, which I was told was normal and I feel it swelling by the end of the day having spent 7 hours in the office. What concerns me the most is the severe lower back pains. Regardless of what I do, it's there. I can be sitting or standing or lying down, it's just painful. I have a hard time bending down to pick up something off the floor. Is that normal?
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It seems that about 1/2 of the women reporting post op pains include LBP. it is reasoned by doctors that it is due to the cutting of muscles during the surgery. Most women are fine within a month to 6 weeks as far as the back pain goes. I suffered from this post op also, my doctor went as far as to explain it could be partially due to the positon one is physically placed in during the surgical procedure. Also if your uterus was enlarged and placing pressure on organs causing pressure on spine, your body is adjusting to new anantomy.

Im hoping you reported this at your 6 week post op..When bending bend with the knees not at the waist, and perhaps try an ice pack on the spine , sometimes cold works far better than heat to reduce pain..If your not feeling better with in a few days I would recommed reporting back to the doctor.

Best wishes,,cherie
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Hi there,
I agree with Cherie!!! One other possibility is that when they removed your uterus and cut the ligaments that hold it in place, you are having referred pain from that. It definitely should settle down, but again, agreeing with Cherie, wouldn't hurt to give the doctor a call. Did you have endo? That can be another culprit for post op back pain. I hope you feel better soon and get some relief. Pain is no fun, especially after the surgery you had.
Good luck and keep us posted
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I am currently alow having back pain and lower abdomen pain. My drain area was still bleeding up until Monday this week. I am still taking my pain pills but I am afraid because I am driving and going back to work but I can't sleep at night due to the pain, I am having trouble standing up straight but I think this is due to the 2nd time they cut my stomach wide open. Did any one have their pubic area cut as well, they cut me from my puebic area to under my sturnom?

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I slipped and fell on wet floor 13 months ago, The terrible pains never went away, anyway  9 months after the fall I did partial hysterectomy at the end the back pains are even worst.An xray reveals a bulge in the disc but that was before the operation ,What can i do?
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Hi all,
I am three months post hysterectomy and instead feel like I have gotten one other kind of trouble. When I stand just for about 20-30 minutes, I feel this pain at the back that goes right down to my waist and the incision area. As for the office, it's become like a night mare because by the time I get back home I am so tired and my waist aches so badly. Also, I feel this lower abdominal pinching pain from time to time. I actually am not half as active as i used to be! Please can someone help me here?
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Hello Clarado i am feeling the same as you my dear,also 3 months post TVH,no as active as before and for 2 weeks now having this terrible lower back paid,taking painkillers alot,if someone has a natural remedy for us to help,please do.
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I had a hysterectomy 5 weeks ago. My lower back is killing me I have sharp pains where they went in I'm very bloated and nauseated half the time. I went back to work 2 and a half weeks after surgery and my Dr told me if I needed pain meds to let her know she would call me in some. The only pain pills I had was when I had left the hospital the day after the surgery so by two weeks they were gone. But when I told her I needed some she wouldn't give me any and I'm in PAIN! I wish they didn't treat everyone like junkies and by the way you did take something out of me why wouldn't I be in pain. Just frustrated and fed up oh and stuff tastes different now not everything. I think I need another dr
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I'm sorry you are still in pain. It's surprising how many doctors want to "wash their hands" of us after surgery. Do you have a primary care doctor you can see? I'm curious what type of hysterectomy you had - robotic, laparoscopic? I assume one of those "less invasive" (fewer incisions) methods since you went back to work so quickly. I hope this pain resolves soon!
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I am 5 weeks post - op I have the some problem my lower back is just killing me, but also having chest pains and leg pains at the end of the day.  I have not gone back to work yet because they cut me open. I am still hurting.  Is all this still suppost to be hurting is what I want to know?  I would ask my Dr. but he stutters and does not finish a sentence so i do not get a straight answer......
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Hi..  I am also suffering with really bad lower back pain.  I am post surgery from a total abdominal hysterectomy at 5 weeks ago now.  I had developed an infection internally and had to have antibiotics for 7 days two weeks ago, but the back pain has worsened since and its unbearable during the night.  I have also got nausea regularly and some slight discharge.  I don't even know if you are still meant to get this.  I have made yet another doctors appointment for next week but don't want to go for physio.  I don't think I even feel up to it.  Everybody keeps telling me that I should be better by now and make me feel guilty, but I'm not ok...  I also don't know what to do.  
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Quite a few women have complained of bloating after hysterectomy especially as the day goes on. I don't know what causes that although hysterectomy does tend to slow bowel function which can cause some bloating and discomfort. It can also affect bladder function. But it doesn't seem like you should have pain, in either your abdomen or your back, at 8 weeks post-op. You should see your doctor to have this checked out.

Good luck! Let us know what you find out.
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Wow Athhena36 I feel just the same as you am just 4 weeks post op it's very draining I just want to get active again. If I stand for a few minutes the back ache triggers and my abdomen just feels very bruised.i still have some stitches left in but am told am healing nicely by the Nurse who comes out once a week. Is this normal then all this pain, because yesterday I had a spasm and couldn't stand or sit? Can anyone shed any light please?
Mish x
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I am 36 yrs old and it has been 1 week and 1 day since surgery. I stayed in hospital over night next day went home, they put a catheter in me.  I noticed a couple days later sharp terrible pains, I have a bladder infection and I have small kids so I have been cleaning and living life like normal (no rest for me) but my stomach is so swollen and gas pains, I feel like I'm in labor with bad lower back pains.
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Ang - Did you have laparoscopic or robotic surgery? Your symptoms sound like the effects of the gas they use to inflate your abdomen to get a better visual field. Please be sure you aren't too active and don't lift anything heavy because that can impede healing of all the internal sutures and cause permanent problems. Hope you feel better soon.
I still have severe lower back pain 3 years after my hyster.
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I still have severe lower back pain 3 years after my hyster. From what I've read from other ladies on hystersisters, it seems like a pretty common issue.
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Hi! I had robotic surgery for endo and dr. Took out uterus, cervix tubes, and one ovary. I had surgery on June 28, 2016. So it hasn't been 2 wks. For me yet. First wk. all I had was soreness. Which I knew would go away. This wk. lower back pain! What in the world. It started the following Friday. I realize that when I sit for along time it gets worse.,so today I've layed around and not sit up much at all and I feel much better today. I have a Drs. App. Tomorrow so I'm hopeing he will tell me that this is normal and that it gets better with time. Ladies please don't be hard headed like me and try to do to much. I realize some of you have small children. Try to relax and rest. Our bodies need rest. Healing takes time. So this wk. I am relaxing and resting more than last wk. I had been trying to go And do and I made things worse for myself. I thank God for my husband and two teenage girls! They have really step up and taken really good care if me.
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Yes, it will go away my friend...
Just be patient i guarantee.
Diet is important, you might have allergies or sensitivity to certain foods you're unaware of.  I know after my partial hysterectomy i craved more fruit and was suddenly sensitive to breads (gluten) and dairy i couldn't eat at all anymore.  
I'd get bloated now..
Get  gentle massages off and on in a few months..take warm aromatherapy baths...t'll get better...All the best....
It's been 3 years for me. I had a full hysterectomy. Tried and failed at Davinci and had to cut me right above my public line anyway. I, prior to surgery, could crack my lower back nightly by throwing my leg off the side of the bed.I haven't been able to crack my back since the hysterectomy. I woke up with back pain as soon as meds wore off and it has only gotten worse. My discs grind together and they NEVER did that previously. Not sure how one affected the other but I have not been the same. I would have rather kept the 3 week periods.
jdotters, I'm sorry you've been suffering with back pain since your hysterectomy. Unfortunately (although women aren't told), hysterectomy destroys pelvic integrity because they have to cut the pelvic ligaments which are the support structures that keep the spine, hips and rib cage (as well as the uterus) where they belong. So the midsection collapses after surgery. That's also why our figures change.
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Irs been 2 years for me since my hysterectomy...my back is worse yhan it ever was.i didnt have this back pain before my surgery.now its so bad i double over in pain and cry. My hips hurt ive gained so much weight some then ..that doesnt help my back pain but it hurts to walk.my buttocks feel like the muscles are being tightened and down my legs after being up to long my butt goes numb like its asleep.i wishci never had this done..it was suppose to help my pcos...i didnt know i would be worse.not to mention my personality change.i hate this..my quality of life is worse.i cant dance with my grandkids and long walks like i love are impossible.i need help..
I'm sorry Blondepoison. :(
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