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Is there PMS after hysterectomy?

I am 35, and am considering hysterectomy for AUB.  As far as I know there is no reason to remove my ovaries and since I probably have 15 years until menopause I can use the hormones.  I was wondering if because of still having the ovaries which leads to the menstrual cycle does one still experience PMS? By PMS I mean the moodiness, bloating, constipation etc?  I know that removing the uterus would eliminate periods, but since the physical side of PMS is usually due to the slight swelling of the uterus, does it go away also?  I can see the moodiness and possible cravings etc still present since they are due to the change in hormones through the cycle.
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no pms. just whatever menopasual symptoms you will have until your hormones are adjusted I suggest bio-identical.
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I know this is responding to an old post, but I noticed someone said no PMS symptoms after hysterectomy.  That is not true at all.  Although the symptoms are very different.  If one still has two functioning ovaries you will still face the (EMOTIONS, CRAVINGS, HEADACHES, SORE BOOBS ETC).  I had a hysterectomy a bit over 6 months ago.  For the first 3 months after the hysterectomy I was fine (but I didn't realize my ovaries had been asleep I guess).  Oh did they wake up!!  I have some of the same issues I had prior to my hysterectomy the greatest thing for me is no more excruciating pain, no more heavy bleeding, and the symptoms last a shorter period of time than pre-hysterectomy.

My uterus, tubes, and cervix were removed but I have both of my ovaries left. Unfortunately I have not figured out why I get sick as in throwing up around this time.  Excuse me because this will be a bit gross, but I end up with painful gas regardless of what I eat, and when trying to have a BM I often end up vomiting acid like substance and my stomach rumbles with severe pain.  I have like diarrhea but not, It feels like the bowels get hung up in some area and I end up vomiting while trying to have a BM. prior to my hysterectomy this was a week - 2 week ordeal where now it only occurs 1-2 days before I would have started my cycle.  I say it must be the time my hormones hit rock bottom. So while some may not have PMS symptoms after a hysterectomy, I would say that is not true for everyone.

I of course was in bad shape and it wasn't showing up on the MRI so it was only when my doctor went in did they see the "mess" I was and why I had been trying for years to have a hysterectomy.  My gynecologist trying to protect me, was trying to let me wait it out since I did not have children, but I could never get pregnant.  I had Adenomyosis, fibroids, leiomyomas and the muscular tissue started growing into my vaginal walls.  So I was pretty much a mess in there, and I am 42 years old.  So unfortunately no babies for me.  
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yes, you will still have the PMS symptoms because your ovaries still cycle...also because when they take the uterus they do cut blood supply, nerves, ligaments you may have many more symptoms to deal with...your ovaries may shut down and put you into menopause 5 years sooner then you would have gone through had the uterus stayed intact. If they do not attach the cervix or vaginal cuff (whatever you are left with) you may develop pelvic organ prolapse...you may even if they do because removing the uterus allows other organs to shift into that space...hysterectomies are treated like "no big deal" and too many are performed for bad reasons...it's an easy surgery for the dr. but it changes your complete endocrine system as well as the support structure of your pelvis...so yes, there are times a hysterectomy is a must but do your research and don't go into it lightly! It could cause you more issues then you are dealing with now...that is how it went for me...11 years later and I am still dealing with the aftermath!
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