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Large fibroid/polyp removed and post-op problems

I got a very large fibroid and polyp (myoectomy) removed under general anesthesia 5 days ago. I'm also am in menopause. The mass was blocking my cervix. I would have had no idea about it, but I had tremendous bleeding resulting in an ER visit while on vacation a month ago. When I've had heavy bleeding in the past, I get this pinch in my uterus. I was told that there wouldn't be any pain after a day and just some spotting.
I've had a light period for 4 days (4 pads a day), and I've worked out taking 800 mg of Advil 4 times a day. The pinch feeling is still there. Now at day 5, I have a watery "period." The pinching gets so bad that I'm really bent over. Since I live alone in a large building, I have a walker, which I now have to use.
This is depressing! Right before this happened, I took 5 exercise classes in 3 days and was fine. Now, I can't leave my apartment and can't drive because I'm really bent over and exhausted.
When I do my follow-up in a week, my gyn wants to look into doing a biopsy since my uterus lining is thick. I'd think that with all this bleeding that it would have washed everything out. Because I have limited care from family (only one sibling who is out-of-state), I'm thinking I'm not getting this done.
What would anyone suggest? Should I go for a second opinion? The trans vag did indicate my uterine wall thickness. I have no idea what's going on and can call the doctor but can't leave my apartment because I'm not walking well and am in pain right now.
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I would think since you are only 5 days post-op that the pain and bleeding would be normal. Although myomectomy preserves the uterus (a good thing), it is still major surgery. I don't understand why a biopsy would not have been done from tissue taken during the myomectomy. Fibroids and polyps can make the lining appear thicker than it is on ultrasound. Assuming that your fibroid and polyp were removed and you don't have any others, an ultrasound may give a better and more accurate view now. If you do have one, you will want to wait until you are sure the post-op bleeding is over. And again, I don't understand why there would be a need for a biopsy.
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Thanks for this very helpful reply, Since this was vaginally, I was told that there would be some spotting and not much pain so I got codeine tablets for the day. The gyn didn't want to do a biopsy of my lining at the time since this surgery would be traumatic enough she felt. I do have sever medical phobia and anxiety, but I'd rather get this done all at once.
I'm doing better today, but I still need a walker since I can't stand up straight and am alone. I'm now using 800 mg of Advil 3 times a day so that's an improvement.
I think I'll get a second opinion since I"m really overwhelmed, and this was sold to me as just minimal surgery, and I'm having a very long recovery.
Your reply is much appreciated!
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If in doubt about your pain or bleeding seems excessive, please call your doctor or her answering service. Hope each day is better and you are back to normal before long!
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