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Looking for new hormone replacement

Hello, I have never been in a group forum so this is a little different for me.
I had a total lap hys. approx. 2.5 yr's ago.  I am 32 now and my HRT is not helping AT ALL!  I am currently on 2 mg Estrace.  I am having terrible hot flashes to the point that I wake up in a puddle of sweat, then I get freezing cold.  I have been researching varrious HRT' on micromedex.  I think I need an added progesterone, but I have been told PREMPRO has some hard side affects.  Do any of you have suggestions?  I noticed someone was on Climera and another was on the Vivelle w/ Prometrium.  What dose of prometrium do you take?  
While I still feel better than I did before my hyst. (pain wise anyway) there has to be some way to control these hot flashes!
Thank you in advance for any input
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i know what you mean i had a full historectomy and i about went  crazy for 5 yrs so i had no choice but to wise up and do what was best for me mentally and man was i glad i did went through alot depression wanting to just kill someone seeing demonic spirits the whole 9 yrds so from me to you try the patches i cant tell you what kind because im not a dr but i am on estrodol patches and they work wonders i mean that ive gotten my life back other then the weight gain now thats another thing have it been hard for you to loose weight and weight gain now thats something i really need help on since when you do go through menepause your body is chemically im ballanced
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Hi there welcome to the forum

We are not Drs here , we are educated volunteers so we are not able to reccomed medicateions.

I think it would be a good idea for you to seek a nurse practioner who specialies in menopause, they have the time to really talk and will guide you through possible meds.

It can be difficult getting the right combo but dont stop until you do , its been 2 1/2 years thats too long to feel those flashes and have sweats so badly.

best wishes


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