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I have a robotic assisted laparoscopic partial hysterectomy (left the ovaries) on July 15th. It is not constant, but some days I have a pressure along my stomach, like a weight or a too tight waistband cutting into me. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced it? I went to the "ask a doc" area, but it is no longer supported. I also get a weird pain in my lower left abdomen, by my groin. Doc (in a very dismissive and rushed manner) said it was just my body healing, but I don't know. My body doesn't feel normal so I can't tell if it's bad or not.

Also, I wanted to know if anyone has been advised to do levels to avoid prolapse? I have a fear of it and saw that online, but not sure if I can trust it and my doc is hard to get a hold of for a question. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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You are still VERY early in the healing phase! So I would say what your are feeling is most likely normal healing! I have had 8 pelvic surgeries...and it takes a good 3+ months to feel normal! You aren't even a month out so you should be doing nothing but taking walks and resting...We are never told the actual reality of this surgery...they cut nerves, blood supply our fascia...it's a serious surgery even though the surgeon's like to lead us to believe we will be all back to normal in a matter of a few weeks...so I would suggest you rest a bit more as this could be your body letting you know your doing too much too soon...

Not sure what you mean by "levels" so please explain? I have had pelvic organ prolapse...everything that could fall...did fall...so I should be able to help you when I understand what your mean...;)  If levels means kegel exercises...I think it's a bit soon after surgery! I would ask the surgeon for a referral to see a pelvic floor physical therapist they will be able to help you ALOT!

If your surgeon is not being helpful and you truly feel it's urgent...go to urgent care...if it seems emergency go to ER...and I would suggest a new dr. ...he should not be dismissive and leave you hanging after the surgery...they should be there to help you through this, but if not...find a good dr. who will...
Let me know if I can help you more...
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